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  1. sags

    SP3 take off

    So, are you guys at Feelthere looking in to this problem? We've been waiting a long time for this to be fixed.
  2. sags

    SP3 take off

    E195 worst, but also the E175 to a lesser extent. Don't have the 170 and 190. Using P3D v4.5
  3. sags

    SP3 take off

    The airplane (especially the 195) still wants to jump off the runway. The take off trim setting is still not correct. Is there a TO trim chart we can use? I'm not happy with the flight dynamics. I used 3.0 on TO and then had to go up to 5.0 to keep pitch in the initial climb
  4. sags

    Update question

    🤣🙊 I thought the FD stood for Flight director!!! Sorry Vic - and thanks again 👍 Regards Trevor
  5. sags

    Update question

    Thanks Vic. Are u guys still working on the TO trim issue? Trevor
  6. sags

    Update question

    But when? Give us some idea. I am sitting with a product I do not fly because of this problem.
  7. sags

    Update question

    Thanks but when?
  8. sags

    Update question

    How about a response from feelthere!
  9. sags

    Update question

    Thank you. Will try. Regards Trevor
  10. sags

    Update question

    There was some talk a while back about improvements to the e-jets. Re : take-off trim settings (especially the E195) to mention one. Are these going to be released sometime soon? Trevor
  11. With dynamic lighting off, the frame rates go up .................... but it looks terrible
  12. I am using the E175 and E195 with P3D v4.5HF3
  13. You hit the nail on the head! There is a problem with the taxi/landing lights. The cockpit lights do not drop the framerate - only the landing lights. Can this be please be corrected by the team.
  14. But why the big drop in frame rates?????
  15. Finding the same. Using P3Dv4.5. Lights only work at night - and then the FPS drops from 35 to 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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