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  1. The E175 has an absolutely smooth rotation using a trim of +3.5
  2. OK - I finally got it working by uninstalling AS and then reinstalling the official version (not the beta version) 😁
  3. Vic Can you plz look into this one. I am using P3Dv4.5 HF3 with AS for P3D (7410) and no weather is being displayed. Trevor
  4. It is a problem for me and numerous others. Check the forum.
  5. Please fix the wx display problem in SP2. Thanks
  6. The correct sequence is: Flaps 1 slats 15° flaps 5° Flaps 2 slats 15° flaps 10° Flaps 3 slats 15° flaps 20° Flaps 4 slats 25° flaps 20° Flaps 5 slats 25° flaps 20° Flaps Full slats 25° flaps 35°
  7. 1) both 2) yes 3) yes, the FMS is available as a 2d pop-up and a checklist menu
  8. All other developers are still using 1101 and not tables 1539-1544
  9. This is a problem and there is a sort-of solution. The flight dynamics programmer has for some reason omitted parameter 1101 from the air file which adjusts primary flight dynamics. This is where the problem can be quite easily solved. Since it is not there - we use plan B!!! In the aircraft .cfg file, go to the section on flight tuning. Change the pitch stability parameter from 1.0 to 1.3 and use a pitch trim of about +4.0 with flaps 1 for takeoff. Works well for me - this is with the E175 model. I haven't tried the other models. I must also compliment the FD programmer for getting the climb and cruise profiles for the E175 spot-on (according to FCOM numbers) 🙂 Trevor
  10. In the real plane the approach pitch with flaps 5 is indeed about 5.0 to 5.5 degrees up. With flaps full, the approach pitch should be 2.0 to 2.5 degrees up. Trevor
  11. sags


    Got it. Thank you. Trevor
  12. sags


    I do not see a manual with the downloaded SP1 package. Is it "hiding" somewhere ? Trevor
  13. Thanks to those responsible for the SP. Much appreciated - the flight dynamics have been greatly improved 😁 Trevor
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