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  1. i have the same problem isnt it a GSX bug?
  2. Well the strange thing about FPS is that PMDG planes doesn’t have fps issues where these planes have, I have had FPS issues with e Jets v2 with joystick connected, in V3 I don’t have this issue but the FPS is still a little low compared to PMDG.
  3. Love you work the best EJET in the market hope you can make it fps friendly.
  4. Fernando G

    APP in HDG mode

    Sorry to answer too late, well in the airports in Mexico there is a fix always that is too far outside the approach. Solution for what? And I can’t still understand the steps of that solution
  5. Fernando G

    APP in HDG mode

    Yes, has been checked in some US airports and all si fine, the v2 had the same problem.
  6. Fernando G

    APP in HDG mode

    This happens too in all airports of Mexico.
  7. Ok I checked with a wire keyboard Logitech k200 and still have an FPS drop not as hard as with the wireless track ball, but there is a peak down something like the module tried to connect, removing it there is a little fps improvement , but don’t believe me try it. Well hope they make a fix or at least say something about this. thanks for your response Skip Fer
  8. Well at least they should investigate what hardware make the stutters and should make compatibility fix, this is an issue when playing fsx so hope they should give an answer, what mouse and keyboard will you use? My mouse and keyboard are wireless, is your keyboard wireless? Fer
  9. Hello Skip, Today I bough PMDG 737 and with defaul settings in P3D I get a constant of 50 FPS with Logitech and mouse and keyboard connected, so there something wrong in the EJET and ERJ module that tries to comunacite with some hardware or something like that because even disconnecting the keyboard and mouse I don’t know if it is your case but the FPS still make an instant peak down, can you confirm this with the FPS of the sim ? can you test it with another module you have just to make sure I’m not going crazy making the job of the feelthere engineers? thanks Skip Fer
  10. I saw what you wrote in quotes found in the manual but I think it just refer to mouse, my problem is with the keyboard too if I unplug mouse and let the keyboard plugged the issue continues. Hope to hear an opinion of the feelthere support team about this. Fer
  11. Hi Skip, Well at least we have something to start, hope the feelthere personal give us a fix, if you find something more please let me know, by the way searching how to fix this issue I found that CRJ also have this issue, let’s spread the word so this issues can be fixed. Fer
  12. Hi Skip Did you try unplugging the mouse and keyboard just to check the FPS ? What I found is to unplug them to solve all the FPS issues. Fer
  13. Hello i did what scoob say, i adjusted the fps lines of the config utility but didnt work, did a reinstall of windows 10 an neither work, what i found that work was unpluging the mouse and keyboard, that fixed the stutters and give a boost to the fps even to 100 fps over water all this in fsx and p3d. What i discovered is that my mouse M570 and keyboard K220 are from logitech unpliging them gave me the solution i was looking for. The strange thing is that i connected an EASY line mouse and all went fine, no stutters and good fps, this make me think that your module is not compatible with logitech hardware, by the way this just happen only with your moudules EJETS V1, V2 and ERJ in fsx and p3d, i have DCS and IL2 and the planes included in FSX and P3D and no one of them gave me a problem. Well thats what i found in a weekend of hard work trying to fix your module, i think that the developers should had found the compatiblity issues of the modules in all the months we have been waiting for a solution of stutters, well i hope you can fix this out or tell us what hardware is compatible with your module. Thanks
  14. Hello, can you please post the correct config for the module? I’m having the same issue as Skippy, and yes is very frustrating, I realy love your module i think it is the best ERJ and EJET module for practicing real flight procedures, so if you fix it I will appreciate. thanks for your help
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