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  1. Yes, that’s happens too with the 190, in a circling approach with two engines, when you start the turn to final the plane starts to descend. it has a crappy autopilot and auto throttle.
  2. Fernando G

    Pax cabin

    Hope it can be done.
  3. Another issue is that in level flight with 30 degrees of turn, the auto throttle works in a way that the airplane can’t manintain altitude and start to descend.
  4. If you can add the fix page it would be very appreciated.
  5. Another thing lnav engage at 200 agl not from ground, and can’t be armed on the ground, vnav can be armed on the ground and it activates at 400 ft
  6. Yes that can be done, but is there a fix ?
  7. Mm the thing here is that only happens with this airplane and the past versions, and there was a fix years ago and never posted. Had you notice this?
  8. I am creating this topic because the things that I wrote on the same topic that was made two years ago are being deleted. well the int01 in some arrivals is too far, like 5000 miles. In the older topic a guy made a fix but never post it. does any one have a fix for this issue ?
  9. 😆😆😆 i know they dont give a sh****t about fixing bugs, i made the same with the E170, E175 and E1195 and worked too.
  10. It worked man thanks a lot, I wrote to the GSX staff and they are too occupied resolving this.
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