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  1. SUPPORT QUESTION MOVED OUT OF USER CONTRIBUTIONS SUBFORUM so it can receive attention! I almost hate to ask this question, but I've searched the forum, and spent several hours trying to do this, with no luck. Does anyone know of a tutorial that explains how to use FSUIPC logging to capture the control codes associated with specific buttons and knobs in an aircraft? For example, I'd like to know, if possible, the control code for the LNAV switch in the Captain Sim 757, or the ND range knob in he QW787. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thomas - Thanks. After some trouble shooting I learned that it will install correctly if I set the compatibility mode to Windows 8 (via the Properties panel). I have no idea why this is necessary. I'm running Win 10 64-bit and all previous versions of FSUIPC had no issues.
  3. I've been using FSUIPC5 without issues with P3D V4, but trying to install the latest release (5.103) broke my system. The installation appears to work correctly up top the point where I should be prompted to register the software (see the attached log). I've installed FSUIPC for years without issues, and I can't find a solution to this. I ensured virus checking was off, ran as an administrator, etc. Any suggestions to fix this will be welcome. Thanks. FSUIPC5 Install.log
  4. For what it's worth, I'm running Win 10, FSUIPC5, and the PMDG P3D v4 version of the v747 and everything works fine.
  5. Pete, I think the silent majority here on the forum greatly appreciate your work, and we can be patient. FSUIPC makes a huge difference for some of us, and getting FSUIPC5 this fast is outstanding. From all of us, thanks for all the excellent work over the years.
  6. First, I very much appreciate the help. Second....you're right! The arrows are there. I can't explain why I didn't see them previously. In any event, thanks for creating and supporting such a great utility.
  7. I have profiles for each aircraft that I've purchased, but not for each livery. I've been flight simming for a long time and have accumulated a number of aircraft. I use different profiles for two reasons: the aircraft have different assignments for things like GPS and HUD pop-ups, and different calibrations for control axes. I prefer to have standard functions (like display/hide GPS) assigned to a single joystick button. But on some aircraft that is a "shift 1" on another it is "shift 2", etc.. Also, some of the more complex aircraft have controls that can't be made common. Wherever possible I've used default assignments for things, but as soon as a common function needs to be programmed, or an axis calibrated, you end up using a new profile. Knowing that the display is simple pop-up menu is helpful. I can find ways to work with it. The INI file is attached. When I ask if there is a way to expand it, I'm just looking for a way to see (and select from) all the profiles. FSUIPC4.ini
  8. Is there a way to expand the size of the profile selection menu? I have more profiles defined than can be displayed in the existing drop-down list. It doesn't appear to have any ability to scroll up or down. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  9. Pete - You're right on both accounts. I changed where the USB devices were plugged into the motherboard, and I also upgraded from Win 7 to Win 8.1 Thanks very much.
  10. Is there a way to save my settings for FSUIPC so that, if I need to completely reinstall P3D, I won't lose the various button assignments etc. that I've created? I tried copying the FSUIPC files to a temporary directory, reinstalled P3D and FSUIPC, and then copied the saved files back yo the Modules folder in P3D. When I did that, the button assignments for profile-specific aircraft were randomlt changed. Am I missing something? Thanks.
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