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  1. Cannot wait for the update release. ciao Fabio.
  2. Can't wait Fabio, keep up the excellent work Les
  3. Rollerball

    PMDG fuel cutoff switches

    Hello again Pete, Will leave you in peace now, that did the trick so easy when you know how many many thanks for you time. Les
  4. Rollerball

    PMDG fuel cutoff switches

    Lost mine years back but there are plenty in the graveyard would be glad to just be around. Think I can follow that, now I know where the custom control input goes so should be plane sailing form now on, got bags of patience so will get to it. Really appreciate your help will drop you a short note just to let you know when I have mastered it, thanks once again. Kind regards Les
  5. Rollerball

    PMDG fuel cutoff switches

    Hi Pete, Either that's an old photo or your wearing really well, thanks for coming back to me, the part of the H doc I have found referring to fuel Control looks like as below. // Pedestal - Control Stand - Fuel Control #define EVT_CONTROL_STAND_ENG1_START_LEVER (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 521) #define EVT_CONTROL_STAND_ENG2_START_LEVER 9THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 521)
  6. Rollerball

    PMDG fuel cutoff switches

    Hi Pete Thanks again for the quick response, appreciate your comments and I will try posting on the PMDG forum as you suggest, hopefully someone on there will have some idea just what I need to do, my problem is at my age 76 because as a kid I did not have access to a computer the bit I know I have picked up over the years with the help of people like yourself and others who give their time and assistance so that we can all enjoy the hobby. I will have another read at the PMDG SDK info and give it a go as well, thanks again for your time. Les
  7. Rollerball

    PMDG fuel cutoff switches

    Hi Pete I have printed off the H file and spent the last few hours trying to get to grips with what it contains, I found reference to Pedestal- Control Stand- Fuel Control on page 34 but I have no idea how to implement the instructions therein contained, I have also studied the SDK reading the two different control methods and all the rest but again , I have no idea where to insert these EVENT instructions or what part of the printed information is program instruction and what is just for reference. Sorry to be a nuisance and I appreciate you are a busy man but, when you get a minuet, I would greatly appreciate it if you could just elaborate on the process a little for me. Thanking you in anticipation Les Wilson
  8. Rollerball

    PMDG fuel cutoff switches

    Thanks Pete for the prompt response, hope you had a good break. Les Wilson
  9. Can anyone help, I am trying to activate the fuel cutoff switches in the PMDG 777 using codes 66494 and 66495 in P3Dv4 and FSUIPC 5 I can get the parking brake to operate using 65752 but nothing happens when I use the fuel cutoff codes, am I missing something, any advice would be much appreciated. Les Wilson
  10. Rollerball

    Failed Macros

    Probably not but, being a old Virgo (pain in the neck) I do tend to be a bit of a perfectionist sometimes it's a bind but there you are!. all the best for 2016 have a great year Pete Les
  11. Rollerball

    Failed Macros

    I did use assignable controls for all the other switches but I could not find any for the fuel flow switches or Auto throttle disconnect that actually made the switches move on the panel so, I resorted to FSUIPC's macro's and they did work fine until the update therefore as you suggest they have probably changed the code. Back to the drawing board me thinks. Many thanks for your input. Les
  12. Rollerball

    Failed Macros

    Hi Pete, I have tried remaking the macro's but to no avail, when I click the mouse pointer on the fuel run switch on the PMDG 777 pedestal the multiple line message appears but keeps blinking I'm pretty sure it did not blink before when I originally made the macro's, this is also true if I click on the auto throttle switches, also the tab key has no effect weird!. When I set the macro for the auto throttle ignoring the fact that the tab key does not confirm operation, though the switch does not move on the panel it does disconnect the auto throttle, this is not the same as the fuel run switches which have no effect whatsoever. Do you have any idea what has gone wrong, is there a way around this problem, regards Les
  13. Rollerball

    Failed Macros

    Thanks Pete for the quick response, I will try that. Les
  14. Hi Pete I am not sure if my problem was caused by updating PMDG777 or FSUIPC update. I am running FSX-SE with a home built Throttle Quadrant which has been working perfectly until I did the two updates mentioned above, I had set up Macro's for Auto Throttle and Fuel Switches which for some reason have now ceased to work. When I first made the Macro's following your instructions in the manual it went like clockwork and everything worked fine but, I have since tried making them afresh however now when I put the mouse pointer over the selected switch it constantly flashes and although FSUIPC recognises the switches checking functionality with the TAB key does not work and the result although the new macro is visible functionality is not there, have you any idea what can have changed and is there a way round this new found problem. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Les Wilson
  15. Rollerball

    Saitek & FSUIPC

    Pete, Thanks for the prompt response, I will have a good look on the Saitek site whilst I have your attention I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a fantastic program which has assisted me in controlling & refining my sims over many years. Les

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