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  1. I found it. The log helped. I was able to refer to a controls list for p3d for that code 65602 throttle decrease and saw in the log it was being sent by button 20. I then located a button 20 on my honeycomb alpha as my beacon on and went into FSUIPC and saw that was somehow mapped to throttle decrease and was repeating the command to decrease my throttle beyond neutral into reverse thrust. All fixed now. Sorry to have posted.
  2. Good Morning Mr. Dawson, Thank you for your amazing products. I've been using them since landing at Megis back in the day and they are essential and I'm happy to register my versions.I'm using 7 for MSFS as well but my current problem is with p3dv5 and I'm not sure its FSUIPC at all. This seems to have happened out of nowhere but whatever aircraft I load it begins with the thrust reverse being spammed to full reverse. I can counteract it by holding down f4 or f1 but the second I let them up the reversers re-engage. I can even take off and climb but again once I lay off pressing down the t
  3. Wow! So impressed and grateful @EliGrim - Thank you so much for the hard work you put into these and the generosity to share them with us.
  4. Thanks - I fixed that now shows: Layer=133 [Area.133] Title=MyTraffic Local=C:\MyTraffic Professional\Mytraffic Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=114 But still getting this: http://prntscr.com/72ekgm
  5. Hi Burkhard, I'm hoping you can help me out. I've been trying to solve this on my own and followed some instructions in these forums. I am getting the area error at login. When I look at the scenery.cfg though the path doesn't end in /scenery but the error message shows it ending that way. I've tried going back in through the scenery library and clicking on blank space, hitting ok then clicking blank space again and get the error when it re-loads. I'm using FSX SE and used the communicator per instructions since i don't have a parallel FSX install I used the non FSX SE option. Not sure where t
  6. I'm getting the oft mentioned error. Screenshot here: http://prntscr.com/71jz2g This is what the entry in my scenery.cfg looks like and as you can see it does not end in /scenery Layer=133 [Area.133] Title=MyTraffic Local=C:\MyTrafficProfessional\Mytraffic Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=114 What should I do?
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