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  1. My apologies for the slow response. This issue began for me immediately after updating to 4.939n. Unfortunately, I am not 100% sure which version I was running before updating. I've completed a few more flights and have noticed the elevator trim actually begins behaving erratically as soon as I set my parking break just after startup and pushback. After the pushback tug is disconnected and I begin to taxi the elevator trim seems to go back to normal. I am using an axis for rudder, ailerons, and throttle but not for trim. I did try setting the slider on my joystick to trim the elevator in hopes it would correct this issue but I had no success so I removed that setting. I am not using an auto trim add-on. I just assumed FSX must have some sort of auto trim setting that was causing the trim to correct itself once the aircraft picked up speed but I guess that is not the case. I would try to downgrade FSUIPC to see if that would correct the problem but I was unable to find any downloads to previous versions on the forums. I am probably spending to much time frustrated with something that is not that big of a deal but I often stream my flights on Twitch and my viewers are probably wondering why my plane gives an audible "No takeoff - Trim" warning every time I begin rolling down the runway. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I am having a strange problems since updating to latest version of FSUIPC with the elevator trim on all my aircraft. As soon as I start my engines during pushback my elevator trim begins erratically moving up and down until I start to taxi and the plane reaches a few knots ground speed at which point the elevator trim corrects itself. Thou it is not a serious bug it was bothering me enough to uninstall FSX and reinstall my 60+ gigs of addons which unfortunately has not fixed anything. I have tried running FSX without my flight yoke. I've updated all addons and drivers. I've spent a few hours browsing support forums and still have not found a solution to my problem. Is there a way to disable auto trim when auto pilot is disconnected? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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