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  1. Thank you so much for your response. Yes, I am sure that you do and I most certainly beleive that you do reply to all emails. I prbly or must of deleted it by accident. Sure do appreciate your response on the mic issue. I just have a question about the possible new version. will it be out soon and will it be on steam ? Also, if I purchase the 2012 Tracon 2011 tower now, will the new version be an update or maybe I should wait for the new version. Thx for all your help.
  2. I just posted something yesterday and now it is deleted. No sure why or if it was moved etc. ????
  3. I have a question and I am not sure where to ask it. I noticed on feelthere there are two versions Tower 2011 and then Tracon 2012. Which version do I purchase that is the most recent. Also I read somewhere that a new version is being worked on. I would hate to buy now and then shortly after a new version is out and I loose out again. I have gone to the feelthere website for the purchase. Also is Tower included with Tracon 2012 ? Sorry for the stupid questions but I just want to make sure and buy the right one. About the guys comment about running as administrator. I am currently on win 10. I right clicked on the start icon and nothing comes up that says run as administrator. I see all these posts and I start to really get confused. Please excuse me but I am new to gaming on the PC. Thx. my email is jp49ers64@gmail.com
  4. Moderator: I just checked and have been checking my emails and for some reason I never received any email from you. My email is jp49ers64@gmail.com Whom should I be expecting the email from. I have only received one email from this forum and that was only telling me that my acct or permission to post was authorized. I kind of gave up and just figured I wasnt going to get any response. I have left emails for feelthere tech suppot and questions here. I apologize if my email migh of disfunctioned. I cheecked my spam and anywhere else I could think where the email went. Thx
  5. Not sure what ATCC is. Also can I have the link for the newsletter ? What product exactly did u release in Jan and I also am waiting on weather I should buy the 2011 Tower, 2012 TRACON or wait on an updated new version. Dont want to buy and then a new version comes out. Well u know what Im talking about. Thx. Im new to your forum as I just recently discovered you. Been playing ATC sim games from another site which is by far not as developed as what u r doing here. So, if I ask stupid questions, I do apologize.
  6. Hey all. Ok, so I have not purchased Tower or TRACOn yet because of the win 10 upgrade/compatability. I also read where u mentioned that u may be working on a newer version. I am really interested in the game but I dont want to purchase now and then u have an updated version etc. Should I wait and if so how long will it be for the newer version. Ive read where some are running the games with no problems and yet others are. Bummer when u find something you like and win 10 upgrade comes along and well u know what Im saying. Any advise from developers who answer questions on the forum would really be appreciated. I am not real techy about working with files etc. I always hope that a download of a game is smooth etc. Waiting to hear from u I did leave a response to my question about the sdk 5.1 in case you read this post. Thx all
  7. I dont have either yet. I want to purchase it. I was waiting to make sure that it was running correctly on win 10 and that the game was still being supported. So im sure I will be purchasing the multiplayer version. I was just curious about the msn sdk 5.1. Also do I need to have some specia type of mic. That Cortana seems to understand me pretty well w/o a mic ?
  8. Well, here is what I had posted on a reply. I'm not to sure why it didn't post --- edit: remainder of comments removed. your post is off topic. i created a new post for you issue. see - http://forum.simflight.com/topic/80020-download-the-msn-sdk-51-voice-recognition-for-win-10/ --
  9. I am wondering why my post/reply has not posted ? I dont know how i am supposed to get answers if the moderator or whom ever approves replys doesnt even post what I was asking ? Please, can you post my most recent reply to this topic of windows 10 ? I dont think I had any cuss words etc..
  10. Hi. I am so excited to have recently found this great ATC sim game. I had been sending emails to the feelthere support and wasn't getting any response. I found you trough the review of the game. Anyway. I want to purchase tower and tracon. I to also recently upgraded from win 7 pro to win 10. My question n the speech recognition is this. Do I still need to download the msn sdk 5.1 voice recognition ? My win 10 seems to already have voice recognition. I don't really know much about this. on my text to speech name it says Microsoft zira mobile. I have been playing ATC sim games from another site. Pretty interesting but man, I was always hoping that there would be one where I could actually give instructions and have a response. Makes the sim so much more realistic. Any way, I am really excited to play but I want to make sure I get this voice issue on the right track. Thank you so muc.
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