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  1. Thanks Anrew. That makes sense. I appreciate the quick reply.
  2. Want to take advantage of this sale. Question i have is do i need to purchase the airport standalone AND the real color for the airport to add to my game or cani just purchase the Real Color and it gives me the airport as well? When I look at requirements for the Real Color for the airports, it doesnt say that the airport is required. Just want to double check before purchasing. Thanks
  3. Dick/Craig Is this schedule creator compatible with the Tower!2011SE version of this game? Brian
  4. what am i to screenshot? The text file that shows the error? It is the same error that is in the attached logs previously.
  5. I have tried 00:00, 07:00 and 16:00 and get the same error no matter what time that i have as the start time.
  6. I have reinstalled the software and even though i do have some traffic, i still am getting the same error. What exactly does the error mean? How can i possibly fix this issue? is there something with the airfield editor that i can check? Reinstalling the software is not resolving issue so other suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Lets get your Agile process working. Brian
  7. I keep seeing this error in the logs and the airport has no traffic. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the add-on multiple times to no avail. I havent done any modification for this airport. I have tried to install both with and without real traffic. Can someone walk me thru how to resolve this issue? I have not had to use the Airport Editor to do this kind of editting. game log is attached. Thanks Brian game.zip
  8. I normally use 4 runways (8L/R, 9, and 12) at MIA. I have the schedule with 1180 flights i believe ( to took data set number from creator and doubled it). But i just noticed some flights that were not built cause of the gate issue and was looking for a way to add gates to existing terminals or to add a new terminal. I will look at the creator post and look thru the LAX Cargo setup you mention.
  9. Using KMIA and noticed that even though the chart shows UPS and FEDEX terminals to the north of runway 8L/26R they seem to use the west cargo terminal. Is there any way to add a terminal to the airport so that it will use the correct terminals. Also, how do i add a terminal to the main airport so that more flights can arrive/depart as the current schedule i am using has flights that cant be used cause there are no gates. I got the schedule from the Schedule creator tool. I do have my arrivals/departure set for 100% on the sliders but still get this status in the game.log Just curious
  10. Bazvink..... Try to right click on the schedule creator and run as administrator. I find that i have to do this to get the info. If i dont, i get the same result as you do. Brian
  11. So couldnt figure out what the issue was with the format or names so i deleted and reinstalled the game and add-ons. I then did a stare and compare of the original file and my file and nothing hit on the diff tool. So i readded the missing airports from the original and now starting the game, i dont get any errors in relation to the ICAO codes. Who knows what it was but at least the game is functioning.
  12. I will check the format for these 6 in the file when i get a chance to play some this weekend. Thanks
  13. I have purchased more of the add-ons for Tower! 2011 (multi player version) to expand the airports that i can work from. I have gone thru the game.log file and added airports that were missing with great success. Some of the airports that keep coming up though appears to be a problem with the software itself not able to read the ICAO even though it is in the airport.txt file for the database. I have confirmed this info from the flightaware website including the Longitude/Latitude. I deleted them from the file, saved the file and then readded them to no avail. I have even went back to the origi
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