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  1. It worked thank you very very much John and thank you very very much for your patience
  2. in fsuipc7.ini file i put the "auto" section for crjdoor.lua file [Auto] 1=Lua crjdoor lua script; ------ local spoofOffset = 0x3367 -- Exit Open offset, bit per door (1 byte) local doorMainState = 0 while true do doorMainState = ipc.readLvar("L:DOOR_MAIN_DOOR_POS"); doorMainState = doorMainState / 100 ipc.writeStruct(0x3367, "1UW", doorMainState) ipc.sleep(100) end -------- Lvar value is when door open "0" when closed "100" thats why i divided with 100 if closed 0/100=0 if open 100/100 =1 with ipc.writeStruct i tried to bind to offset(3367) value "0" or "1" but no luck dorr value still always "0" thank you for help...
  3. thank you very much again for explanation what i want to do is; taking Lvar value of DOOR_MAIN_DOOR_POS (which is belong to aerosoft crj lvar exist in list and value when closed "0" when open "100") and apply to responding offset (which is 3367) to make sure when door open (main door its probably exit1 or it can de all doors) offset value equals "1" and when closed "0" I want to do it besause our flight management application reads this offset to determine whether door is open or closed.
  4. I am sorry about that I came from x-plane and wrote many lua script there but here is different there is a concept "offset" which i am trying to understand
  5. "....you seem to be posting many messages before I can respond...I suggest you read my posts and digest first...." sorry for that
  6. as i understand of this 0x3367 is exit1 1x3367 is exit2 etc
  7. and value is 0 or 1 then i should use UB size for that i suppose
  8. yes aerosoft crj on msfs 2020
  9. I am planning to change tha value of Lvar "value/100" then when door closed value =0/100=0 when door open value=100/100=1 and then trying to bind the offset like you did A320ParkBrake.lua to the 0x3367
  10. ok thank you very much for information i will try something according to you advices
  11. our flight management system is reading door status from 3367 offset via fsuipc I want to write DOOR_MAIN_DOOR_POS Lvar value to 3367 offset As i understand it is possible to write it jjust only via lua script right?
  12. I understand that 3367 is not a user offset that means we cannot change it even there is no value for that in msfs? if i would spoof it via lua script and change then can i write it to the offset 3367 with lua?
  13. our flight management system reads values via psuipc offsets to determine flight status but in msfs there is no door value (3367 offset is empty) thats why system cannot see the door is open I though that if i can get Lvar(DOOR_MAIN_DOOR_POS) value to the offset(3367) then system can read it and the other problem is in Lvar when door is closed value=0 but if it is open value=100 I thing offset value can be 0 or 1
  14. Hello I wanted to get door open lvar (DOOR_MAIN_DOOR_POS) to offset linked to the door (3367) I tried these to manage it on Fsuipc7.ini file [LvarOffsets.CRJ] 0=DOOR_MAIN_DOOR_POS=UD 0x3367 [LvarOffsets.CRJ] 0=DOOR_MAIN_DOOR_POS=UD 3367 [LvarOffsets.CRJ] 0=DOOR_MAIN_DOOR_POS=UD 15x3367 also i tried to use size as SB and SW but no luck What do i do wrong? Thank you.
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