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  1. Ahh Paul, I really didn't know I could use LVAR facility with your marvellous dll. (How did I not see that before? 🙂 ) Sir, thank you very much, for your help and for creating such a great dll. I will do lots of things with this facility. Thanks again.
  2. Hi, my answer will be with VB coding. Try OpenFSUIPC() FSUIPCConnection.Close() Catch ex As Exception FSUIPCConnection.Close() MsgBox("FSUIPC Not Found or FS is not running !") Exit Sub End Try ... ... You may continue your code blocks but if OpenFSUIPC produces an error, the SUB will be stopped due to error handling with a messagebox and the code will not be run anymore.
  3. Dear friends, hello. I am very sorry to bother you with such a small issue, maybe you explained this issue a hundred times, but I am very new to LUA programming, and I need some help from you to make me start moving. My Virtual Airline recorder application gets data from sim by the help of FSUIPC client (Coded with .NET), but unfortunately FSLabs Airbus aircraft does not produce any data about flaps. What I want to do is to create a LUA file, which continously checks one of the LVARS (I already know the name of LVAR and the values it gets according to the flap lever position), then I want this LUA to assign a value to our FSUIPC OFFSET used for flaps (0x0BDC). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is the LVAR info : VC_PED_FLAP_LEVER0=UP110=Flap1210=Flap2310=Flap3410=Flap4 And here is the code that I tried to make : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- flappos=ipc.readLVar("L:VC_PED_FLAP_LEVER") if flappos == nil then -- if there is no LVAR like this do nothing because the pilot is not flying an FSLabs Airbus else if flappos == 0 then -- if there is an LVAR like this and if it is 0 then do nothing because FSUIPC already returns 0 else -- if there is an LVAR with this name and if its value is not 0 then lets begin if flappos >= 100 and flappos < 200 then ipc.writeUD(0x0BDC, 4096) end if flappos >= 200 and flappos < 300 then ipc.writeUD(0x0BDC, 8192) end if flappos >= 300 and flappos < 400 then ipc.writeUD(0x0BDC, 12288) end if flappos >= 400 then ipc.writeUD(0x0BDC, 16384) end end end -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since I dont have FSLabs aircraft in my inventory, I will create a LUA file and send it someone to check, but I want to make sure if the code is fine. This is my first time in LUA coding, I will appreciate your guidings. My first question is, will that code run automatically as long as the sim runs if I place ... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [AUTO] 1=Lua nameoftheLUAfile ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- as the last line in FSUIPC.ini ? Second question is... Is the code OK?
  4. It will also help to identify TA-TL altitudes.
  5. Sir, is it possible to get elevation data of any point on FS by providing the coordinates? My application has all the coordinates for all airports, I'd like to detect the elevation of the airport which the pilot wants to fly to. Because, my application checks if the pilot has turned ON the LDG LIGHTS during approach when descending below 10.000 ft. But there are some airports whose elevations are already 8.000 to 10.000 ft (especially on South American continent) If possible, I'd like to detect the landing airport's elevation during the flight preparations.
  6. Hello Dear Flightsimmers, I would like to make another approach to this issue. I'd like to detect turbulent conditions on aircraft to start a cabin announcement, something like "ladies and gentlemen, currently we are on a turbulent condition, please get back to your seats and keep your seatbelts fastened until bla bla..." Should I continously watch the vertical speed and airspeed readings to detect this situation or do you guys offer me a better way, like maybe there is an offset that i can get this state directly through fsuipc connect dll?
  7. Thank you Paul, appreciate it. By the way, it was my mistake about vb. I used visual studio 2010 for the recorder, the language is visual basic.
  8. Hi, i just would like to know if it's possible to place objects into some specific coordinates of the sim by using codes. Here is what i am up to : We have built a helicopter virtual airline which uses a flight recorder coded by vb and the program runs on Paul's marvellous client. When the program is run, i want it place an object such as a car, a human, a burning ship etc. to a coordinate, the limits specified on a database, so that the helicopter pilot is given a mission to locate the burning ship, or land within the proximity of the car, human etc. I hope i am clear enough about what we want to create. Has anyone tried something like that? Or anybody just light me up with a very small idea, and i will go after it by myself. Currently, our recorder program can create random missions to go from some airport to another, or best, it tells you to land at a town or village which doesnt have any airports, the landing points are taken from a large database of our website. So we are pursuing a different adventure. I will appreciate any help.
  9. I will ask another question. Lets say we want to check pilots' actions during their flights and seatbelt sign is one of the check items. But the problem with the seatbelt offsets is many different aircraft have different offsets for seatbelt usage. For example, standart seatbelt offset is 341D, pmdg ngx 738 offset is 649F, pmdg 777 ofset is 647B, pmdg 747 offset is 6C2B. And probably other addons are using different offset values also. Is there any way to detect which offset is activated when some switch is turned on or off?
  10. Sir, I received a CTD due to atc.dll on p3dv4 ( I got this 2 times on the same route on nearly the same place. Aircraft was pmdg 737-800, active sky p4 was being used. No extra add ons were online at the moment of the CTD. All software are licenced and registered. After the first CTD I tried to put "removeatc=yes line" in the .ini file under the [General] section but it didnt work.
  11. Hi Pete, this is an old topic but i thought you might help me. My p3dv4 CTDs the second time due to atc.dll error at the same place at the same flight route. Do you think it's about the radio frequency? And also, is there a fix for it? My p3d version is
  12. Perhaps you made it but just to show a way to other people.. my application collects data from the aircraft 10 times per second. On every collect run, I calculate the total fuel on board, put the calculated value on a variable called "currentfuel". I also have another variable "lastfuel" which is assigned the amount of total fuel in the very beginning. If currentfuel > lastfuel then.... do whatever... else lastfuel=currentfuel. My app disqualifies the flight :)
  13. Sir, i managed to put engine fail function on our virtual airline application. It is activated on a random base during the take off or approach, which is the simulation of a birdstrike. Now i am trying to find a way to apply "tire blow" event if the pilot lands with or higher than a specific vertical speed. Is it possible via FSUIPC?
  14. Pete, somebody with PMDG 777 on p3d v4 has just reported me that my virtual airline's recorder is sensing CRASH situation although there is no crash situation on the sim. (Detect crash option of the sim is also OFF). The recorder gets the data via Dim tCrash As Offset(Of UShort) = New FSUIPC.Offset(Of UShort)(&H840) code by using FSUIPCclient.dll I asked him if the FSUIPC is 5.103b or not. Waiting for his answer.
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