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  1. I've been away from my country thus excuse my late response. What a beautiful, powerful yet simple and clean setup you got there ! I know exactly what you need, I will get back to you soon.
  2. What is the exact use scenario ? The MSFS aircraft use HTML/CSS/JS to display data, the more performant method compared to the older way GDI+, etc. If you need display data from the MCDU, you can try outputting the MCDU trough web socket, much like a webpage. There's web socket server bundled with FSUIPC that enables one to pass and retrieve simulator and gauge HTML events by using...that looks like the.. Polish postfix..? (John, Pete..?). Also, I've seen a tool capable of passing complete gauge and instrument display content in its wrapper onto any device in LAN and (with a proper por
  3. That is good - you now basically increased the amount of RAM memory dedicated to your network adapter so now when it offloads the work of processing such types of more granulated types of TCP or UDP traffic from the CPU (all kinds of data streamed into the sim, local IO traffic such as WideFS and the rest of the standard services) - it's able to process more data per cycle. It also knows that it has twice the amount of one above other, so it will reschedule packet handling accordingly (it mostly makes for a much "sharper" network packet scheduling). Not everybody is cranking that to the ma
  4. Everything's cool John. Also, it's a very fine piece of software and I will absolutely fly it...at a certain point in time.. 😄 Works fine here. One thing I noticed right away by the way it acts is absolutely and ABSOLUTELY crucial - it should be set to ALWAYS start cold and dark ! Also, it should be avoided starting the sim with the CRJ already in hangar. Before exiting the simulator go into hangar and switch the plane to something simple without any WASM modules - like Cessna 172sp or just a good old Piper Cub. Then exit the simulator. Because. Especially all of you who use FSUIP
  5. John I see there are various threads, issues and requests surrounding the CRJ and I also read you'll be asking for a temporary licence for the purpose of testing and eventual improvement of the FSUIPC, so I have just bought the plane (just spawned at an airport and waiting for it to "assemble" itself as per Aerosoft instructions). If there's something I can do to assist you and speed things up please instruct.
  6. Upon providing the requested logs to mr.Dowson, let's try manually offseting 0BC0 with a small SWord inc/dec with the value of 128 - or simply make these entries in the profile: TRIM UP: xx=P[joy_num],[button_num],Cx32000BC0,x3FFF0080 TRIM DOWN: xx=P[joy_num],[button_num],Cx42000BC0,xC0010080 We're just gonna switch the red colored parts with the proper stuff - those xx replace properly with the next number in order relative to the rest of the commands you have there, of course. Then for [joy_num] put the controller number (it can also be a letter !),and for [button_num] the button
  7. I am not sure if this connection interruption from WideClient.log is of any significance: 1815828 Error on client pre-Connection Select() [Error=10060] Connection timed out Aside from that detail, the rest looks like you have quite a lot of traffic happening. Check out if it gets better if you turn down the amount of traffic and whatever else there is, so that you lower the amount of data sent between machines and see how it performs...although with a solid CPU it shouldn't be a problem... Yes it is very good to check how does everything work when you run the P2A locally on the sim
  8. The certificate gets recognized just fine for me - I tested with Chrome, Edge and Firefox. I am able to ping the server and also perform both the reverse and forward DNS lookup via Cloudflare, OpenDNS, GoogleDNS and my ISP and also check the server records: //------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fremont-CA - US157.90.xxx.xxx 0 157157xxxxxx Toronto - CA157.90.xxx.xxx 0 109108xxxxxx Johannesburg - ZA157.90.xxx.xxx 0 198198xxxxxx Singapore - SG157.90.xxx.xxx 0 170170xxxxxx v=spf1 mx a ip4:x.x.x.x ip4:157.90.xxx.xxx ip4:157.90.xxx.
  9. I understand. Prosim simvars are not a problem since I got the complete list of old Prosim variables from back in the day when it's been my FTD design preference over other solutions for almost every certification level. I think you should also have all of them with the software. But the V1 exposes different simvars compared to V3, there will not be any reaction - you are right.
  10. Welcome to the boards! The method you employed cannot indicate anything substantial let alone the specific cause of your issue. Could you please zip and attach your latest files named: FSUIPC.ini FSUIPC.log WideServer.log WideClient.log (if applicable) If you need help finding them, I can guide you. M
  11. Allright, what's the name of the aircraft - and point out the LVars you require but are having troubles with. I'd like to check it out.
  12. You can list and identify all custom 3rd party Lvars in your aircraft from within the WASM menu. If the particular one you seek isn't exposed, you can take a peek at the XML/HTML/JS configuration file of whatever you are dealing with and spot the HTML variables of whatever you wanna manipulate. Then manipulate those the same way as Lvars. You can also make a list of your custom HVars that you make a .hvar file of and place in %..%\Community\fsuipc-lvar-module\modules folder so that they are easily accessible from the WASM menu for your plane..
  13. Excuse my curiosity, but are you THE Roman Design - the one who made all that Canadian/Toronto scenery I enjoy so much ?
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