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  1. P.S. For anyone who comes here and uses this script - there is an issue with the IDENT button in QW787 not resetting back to it's position, staying pressed until you press it with the right mouse button - and it cannot be visually noticed at all. The result is that you'll get the IDENT function working only once - pressing the button further won't function anymore. It can be tackled by, for example, simply adding a line with the U (on button release) command for the button in a MACRO script ending with the parameter 1 (right mouse button press) - the way I've done it - for my selected physical button for the IDENT button in the cockpit . Anyway, we have a working script. Thank You ! Mr.sci.ing. MILAN PUTNIK
  2. What a genius - THANK YOU IT WORKS - only had to fix the letter "b" in IDENT offset to the capital "B", thus: ipc.writeSB(0x7B93, 1)
  3. Greetings, I made the corrections pointed out by Mr.Dowson right after I read the topic, alas couldn't get it to work. I am also not adept at LUA programming. Now trying the latest script by Spokes2112 - that looks as if it's in a different formatting altogether - hope this one works. Thank You ! Mr.sci.ing. MILAN PUTNIK
  4. Greetings, I would like to know how does this play out - did Ken manage to make the script working ? If yes, I'd love to have it if possible ? Best Regards, Mr.sci.ing. MILAN PUTNIK
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