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  1. On various airplanes, in level flight or descending, as on an ILS glide slope I have seen flight recordings with the vertical speed gauge showing a climb. I have been hoping others would have the same experience and some ace would explain it. But for a couple of years, no luck. So now I am asking.
  2. I sent a query to Logitech support. Here is what they said. Good day!Apologies for the delayed response as we are currently experiencing high volume of email. We are afraid we can not confirm if our drivers will work properly with FSUIPC. However, you can try to install the software and if in any case it does not work for you, you can always uninstall the drivers. You can find instructions on how to completely uninstall the drivers from this link. Please refer to 'Uninstall a Logitech controller driver' article. I have not tried this yet. I will first make an Acronis image of the par
  3. I have my Logitech G X52 Hotas working well in P3Dv4.5 using FSUIPC5 to assign and calibrate axes. I have not installed the Logitech software and am reluctant to because I am not sure that the drivers will cooperate with FSUIPC. I am also not sure they can be readily uninstalled and the Windows drivers reinstated as others have reported problems trying to do so. So why am I writing? Its the lights. You can't control them without the Logitech software. And the mutifunction display is not backlit so I can't use the timer. So can anyone say if I can install the Logitech software and s
  4. I also use the FSUIPC hat switch axis panning control and it works flawlessly on all my aircraft but one, viz. the RealAir Turbine Duke. There is no hat switch action when I load this aircraft in any view. The hat switch  does pan the piston Duke.

    So I disabled the FSUIPC control and enabled the hat switch in the FSX controls dialog also checking "enable controllers" which was unchecked because I have all axes calibrated in FSUIPC. This worked for the Turbine Duke and all other aircraft. So what is my problem?

    Twice now, without my input, "enable controllers" has gotten unchecked in FSX and I have no hat switch. Of course I can go back to FSUIPC and disable controllers in FSX and then use the mouse to pan for the Turbine Duke. But I wonder if there is a better way.

    Thanks in advance.

    Steve Paradis



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