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  1. Hello Pete, When you spoke about Eypoints and referred to the one's in FSUIPC I gave them a go and managed to set keys to move myself inside the cockpit, so that really helped! "If you have cameras set up, or just want to use the default ones, then those selection controls might be useful. But the default ones tend to be "Cockpit", "Virtual Cockpit", "Spot", "Fly-by", "Top-Down", and so on -- those views you can also select from the menu. if you look in the CAMERAS.CFG file in your FSX in your AppData\Roaming folder, then the camera entries sometimes have: HotKeySelect=number where the number is 0-9. That tells FSX that that view is to be selcted by the View Camera n control." I really didn't know how to setup this, but now I have a camera set for the overhead panel, fmc, and I'm considering to add a few more. Thank you for mentioning this feature, I'm really a fan of these cameras! My first goal was only moving around inside the cockpit, but these customised cameras brings a lot more imersion to the sim! Thank you so much Pete!
  2. Hello Pete, "Ah, good. Then you should be able to assign to those. Yes, I see them in the LIST OF CONTROLS document (you have one in your FSUIPC Documents subfolder): EYEPOINT UP 66524 EYEPOINT DOWN 66525 EYEPOINT RIGHT 66526 EYEPOINT LEFT 66527 EYEPOINT FORWARD 66528 EYEPOINT BACK 66529 EYEPOINT RESET 66530" Yes, this is what I've done. I assigned the POV to each of them and now I am able to move around in the cockpit. "I don't understand. What controls (by name) did you assign? What was different about FSUIPC sending them and you sending from the keyvboard? Did you ever try assigning to the same keypresses (though that's less efficient than assigning to the same controls as assigned in FS)?" Regarding this, I assigned keys to "View Camera select 0;1;2;3...", but since this option is only for P3D (as you mentioned) it didn't work. "But they aren't axes. just button or key press activated, and I think the selection numbers, 0-9, need to be assigned in the Camera definition file (which may be aircraft specific?)." Oh! I didn't know I had to assign keys in the camera definition file! Maybe that's why it didn't work. I don't want to push it, but could you give me a brief explanation about how to do this? I wouldn't want to do it by myself and then mess up the file. Backup is definitely an option here. Thank you for your help Pete. Kindly, Edgar Freitas
  3. I forgot to reply to your first comment: "There are EYEPOINT controls in P3D. I don't think they are available in FSX." // These options are in FSX-SE under Settings/Controls/View and then "Eyepoint(Move forward)", "Eyepoint(Move Back) etc. "Which part, looking in the FSUIPC log file?" // Sorry maybe I didn't explained properly. What I meant was, I couldn't get results as in, after doing what you said, and assigning the keys that I got in the log file, I couldn't get the view movement that I wanted. The good part however, is that now I can use my POV to actually move myself inside the cockpit. As you mentioned "Eyepoints" above, I decided to try those and set it up and it worked great!! I was planning to use the "View Camera select 0;1;2;3..." to assign buttons for different camera views, but since it's just for P3D, it's alright. Thank you so much for you help Pete. All the best, Edgar freitas
  4. Hello Pete, Thank you for your answer. I tried what you mentioned above but I didn't get any results. Could you try to explain me in a different way please? I went to FSUIPC and saw some lines under "Axis assignment" called "View Camera select 0" up to 9, and I presume they are used to point the camera to a certain position after pressing a key. Can you tell me how to use this? How do I point the camera to for example the FMC and "record" and save that position? That would be quite useful. Thank you for your help!
  5. Hello Pete, I have FSUIPC registered, and I recently came across with a feature of fsx that I totally didn't know. I found that you can assign keys to actually move yourself inside the cockpit, like move forward, move back, right, left, up and down (not look, but actually move like EZDOK does). Now, the reason why I'm doing this post is because, I simply can't assign the POV of my controller in any of these commands using FSX, so I was wondering if I could do this with FSUIPC? Could you please help me setting this up? My controller is an NPLAY with 2 POV's. Thank you very much for your help. Kindly, Edgar Freitas
  6. Pete, Probably I wasn't clear but what you mentioned was what I intended to do. Both problems were now solved, thank you for replying. Edgar
  7. MOVED FROM "FAQ" REFERENCE SUBFORUM! Please always post questions and support requests to the Support Forum unless they are in a thread which is about the subject you are questioning. Good morning Pete, I've sent this same text by message but as other people may have the same problem, I'm asking it here. I purchased FSUIPC 4, and I managed to assign each one of the joystick levers to control each 2 engines in the 747. My problem now is assigning 2 commands to the same joystick button. Example: I used to have button 13 of the joystick for gear up and gear down, but when I try to assign this in FSUIPC I can't find a way of assigning these 2 commands to the same button, could you please explain me how to do it? Another problem I have is with rudder. I use pedals of a cheap wheel I have (the Thrustmaster Ferrari Trust wheel), to control the rudder, and to do this I have to use glovepie (a friend manage to create a script that makes my pedals be able to be assigned as rudder. Otherwise Only one pedal could be assigned), and for some reason when I press a pedal, the rudder goes firstly to that side, then suddently goes to the other and get's back to the center. Any suggestions to solve this issue? Hope you can help me with this. Thank you very much Pete, If you need more information please inform me, Kindly, Edgar
  8. After using KLM's ACARSng with the latest version of FSUIPC I´m happy to say that it´s working properly. I don´t know why I had problems before but now it´s working properly. Thank you for all your help Pete. Kind regards, Edgar
  9. This time I did full ILS landings, so that both values on the different versions could be similiar, this proving that both are giving the same data. :) Can we confirm anything with this results? Because if version 949 gives more fpm than version 943, that´s different from the results I got with the klm acarsng, and should be the opposite. I use PMDG 747, which is an older software, so I don´t know if it´s related with it. On the pfd vspeed was showing 800ft per minute in both landings. The flights were really similar. I even used the same speeds on the same locations (at least tried). ;) Anyway, I´ll try one more time to use ACARSng on a flight, with the recent version of fsuipc and I´ll let you know about the results, Pete. Thank you so much for your help!! :) Edgar
  10. Thank you for suggesting that Pete. I did changed from ASN to FSREALWX. A bad decision! I've remade the flights, this time with no weather engine, and trying to make them exactly the same way. Hopefully, this results will clarify us now. FSUIPC 4.943 : https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=3B1C60983A1C8BFD!2289&authkey=!AKcexNIxbdqNK7E&ithint=file%2clog FSUIPC 4.949 : https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=3B1C60983A1C8BFD!2288&authkey=!ANf4JIhCwyEqt3M&ithint=file%2clog Could you please tell me if the most recent version has lower feet per minute of vspeed? That´s what I used to notice on the records from ACARSng after using the last version. Again, thank you so much for your help, and I´m sorry for all this work. Kind regards, Edgar
  11. Thank you very much Pete. I've done 2 different landings with the versions 4.493 and 4.949. Since both have a big amount of data, I decided to paste on a notepad document and upload on onedrive. FSUIPC 4.943 LANDING : https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=3B1C60983A1C8BFD!2287&authkey=!ABn_hGeRlaGf3Ak&ithint=file%2clog FSUIPC 4.949 LANDING : https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=3B1C60983A1C8BFD!2286&authkey=!AGqMGSSFKDvYLkk&ithint=file%2clog Could you please examine the results and give me some feedback when you have time? Thank you very much for all your help!! Kind regards, Edgar
  12. Pete, just a question, when you say "Enter both 02C8 and 030C in the 4-entry table...", what do you mean with this? The 4-entry only has room for 5 characteres, meaning that I can´t write 02C8 and 030C on the same entry. If you could explain me this I would appreciate it. Thank you, Edgar
  13. Ok Pete, I´ll do it next week. Then I´ll post the results here. Thank you so much for your help. Kind regards, Edgar
  14. Hello Pete, Thank you very much for replying. What I meant with landing rate is the fpm(feet per minute) that Royal Dutch Virtual ACARSng records from flight data. I updated from version 4.943 to the latest one 4.949 and I got around -30 fpm, instead of the normal (around) -250 fpm, that I got with version 4.943, that´s why I kept version 4.943 until now. So, it´s like you say, the vertical speed on touchdown. I also need FSUIPC to assign 2 throttle controls to 4 engines, so I´ll get the full version of FSUIPC, but first I would like to solve the vertical speed issue if possible. Thank you very much for your help. Kind regards. Edgar
  15. MOVED FROM "FAQ" SUBFORUM TO SUPPORT FORUM Hello, I have a MADCATZ FLY 5 Joystick, with 2 throttle levers, and I want to make those 2 levers, control the 4 engines of the pmdg 747. I know I can do it with FSUIPC, but the problem is that the latest version of FSUIPC doesn´t record my data very well, because with KLM Virtual's ACARSng, I get very very low landing rates, so I know it´s related with the last version of FSUIPC. (When I got back to the previous version, problem solved!) My question is. Can I purchase the previous version of FSUIPC? If yes, how do I do it? Thank you very much. Kind regards, Edgar
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