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  1. Just for info, The problem of the CTD with the PMDG 747 is caused by LUA script and LINDA. If you disable, them works fine.
  2. Thank's I did but need to stick with 5.122 If I want to fly with the 747. LM put something in the code before release 4.2 as PMDG didn't have any trouble in RC but with the RTM things change.
  3. I am sorry Pete, So you didn't hear anything from PMDG. Good to know. best Fabrizio
  4. Hi Peter, Just to inform, I have the 747 pmdg on a P4D and with the latest 5.123b/c it does crash after terrain loading going back to 5122 works fine.
  5. simbio

    Pete's Cockpit

    Thank for sharing, it was something I ask you sometime ago. Nice game room, many of us would be like kids, and don't see the sun for days.LOL
  6. Thank's for reply WOW the dream for any simmer. You just need a 6 DOF and you are in a leveld. Look forward, but you don't use any IFLY or PMDG just Project Magenta right? does it simulate better dynamic and behave? Thank you Fabrizio
  7. Hi, Just by curiosity wich hardaware do you use to fly on FS, sorry if it's personal but didn't find any email to ask personaly. Thank's Fabrizio
  8. You see all this messy it's caused by Saitek and the result is to bother us on difficult setup. First in FSUIPC.ini write as it state [LuaFiles] 1=PMDG737NGX_AP 2=PMDG737NGX_OVH on the modules folder file must be rename in that way PMDG737NGX_AP.LUA PMDG737NGX_OVH.LUA I think that maybe it's not working because you have a profile Buttons.boeing737ng Another test is to check in FSUIPC Logging TAB LUA Log LUA plug-in and Debug/Trace Lua Plugins then check Send to console window and click on new log. The window will tell you if you trigger the right command. by the way if you use linda it can be a problem so try to uninstall it just to be sure. Start from scratch backup your file then proceed with a new fsuipc4.ini just remouve the old one, once fsx start a new will be create by FSUIPC itself, do this or you will loose more time the if it works just copy and paste portion of the old one to create profile it's really easy.
  9. Try to clean up file like FSUIPC4.ini i mean remouve it and also the Default.ini inside SPad folder after backup them and restart FSX and Spad. Try this is FSUIPC.ini [buttons] ButtonRepeat=20,10 1=R1,0,C1001,0 2=U1,0,C1002,0 3=R1,5,K35,8 4=R1,4,K36,8 5=P1,2,K90,8 6=P1,3,C65860,0 7=P2,2,K113,8 8=P2,0,K113,8 9=P2,4,K190,10 10=P2,5,K191,9 11=P64,0,CL1:R,33 12=P64,1,CL1:R,27 13=U64,0,C0,33 14=P64,3,CL1:R,22 15=P64,4,CL1:R,31 16=P64,5,CL1:R,32 17=P65,4,CL1:R,8 18=P65,5,CL1:R,7 19=P64,2,CL1:R,28 20=P64,6,CL1:R,30 21=P65,0,C65595,0 22=P65,1,C65603,0 23=R66,0,CL1:R,17 24=R66,4,CL1:R,13 25=R66,5,CL1:R,14 26=R66,6,CL1:R,16 27=R66,1,CL1:R,18 28=R66,2,CL1:R,19 29=R66,3,CL1:R,20 [LuaFiles] 1=PMDG737NGX_AP 2=PMDG737NGX_OVH This is in spad Default.ini [MultiPanel1] RotUpActionCRS=VButton,66,9 RotUpActionALT=VButton,66,1 RotDownActionALT=VButton,66,2 ButtonActionAP=VButton,64,1 ButtonActionHDG=VButton,64,2 LongButtonActionAP=None LongButtonActionHDG=None AutoThrottleActionOFF=VButton,65,5 AutoThrottleActionARM=VButton,65,6 ButtonActionNAV=VButton,64,3 ButtonActionIAS=VButton,64,4 ButtonActionALT=VButton,64,5 ButtonActionVS=VButton,64,6 ButtonActionAPR=VButton,64,7 ButtonActionREV=VButton,64,8 LongButtonActionNAV=None LongButtonActionIAS=None LongButtonActionALT=None LongButtonActionVS=None LongButtonActionAPR=None LongButtonActionREV=None RotUpActionVS=VButton,66,3 RotUpActionIAS=VButton,66,5 RotUpActionHDG=VButton,66,7 RotDownActionVS=VButton,66,4 RotDownActionIAS=VButton,66,6 RotDownActionHDG=VButton,66,8 RotDownActionCRS=VButton,66,10 FlapsActionDOWN=VButton,65,2 FlapsActionUP=VButton,65,1 Good luck
  10. IMHO FSUIPC is one of the main door to let hardware interact with FS, you can read that many simmer, use it to fix their problem for situation. I think saitek panel and not only have a lot's of handycap on the conception and costumer that payd several hundred euro should be aware of those tedius problem. If there was more public state cosumer will not get trap on those situation and for shure saitek will change is behave. People that start to buy hardware like yoke and panel I think they are flyng more then Fsx aircraft and deal with addon such PMDG. Here a review does it mention about any incompatibility or that the multipanel is not recognize as a standard HID device. http://www.flightsim.com/main/review/appanel.htm First there are two file on the post from Billydragon One is PMDG737NGX_AP.LUA you must copy and paste from -- PMDG NGX737 module v. 1.4 -- to END The other one is PMDG737NGX_OVH.LUA same story on pasting on the text. Place them in FSX\Modules Normally FSUIPC will recognize them as you start FSX otherwise paste in FSUIPC4.ini those line below [LuaFiles] 1=PMDG737NGX_AP 2=PMDG737NGX_OVH Open spad go to multipanel rotary tab chose FSUIPC Virtual Button Open FSX Go to FSUIPC tab Button+Switches Select FS control and choose PMDG737NGX_AP Click send button to Flight Sim In Parameter of tab Button+Switches field type 15 for HDG clockwise the same that there is in the list from Billydragon if you want you can change the order --function NGX_AP_HDG_inc () if ipcPARAM == 15 then then go ahead with the same method for couter clockwise and for the other function. Hope that help It's similar with the macro method but it's more pawerfull for function like increase fast rotation and other SDK aspect.
  11. I think if Peter dosen't want that people ask support for FSUIPC in connection with saitek multipanel, I am shure It would let know everybody and stick a post like someone else has done. Who knows what are the backstage of all this agreement or illegal aspect between company, when you buy staff you can't be aware if there is any info on forums. If I knew about all this problem I wold not buy those panel, you are the only one talking about this illegal permission since i start to search for info to use those panel with addons. Go ahead and post about this manner on all forums that we know like avsim simflight simforum vatsim flightsimworld flightsim just a few if you need support is the best way. Got it only Autothrottle dosn't work I think there is an error, as you can arm but not disarm. Thank you.
  12. Sorry to chimie If i undesrstand I place PMDG737NGX_AP.LUA inside FSX\Modules then play with virtual joystick to link as control sent when button pressed in FSuipc. But then how i link virtual button to a PMDG action i try to LuaSet PMDG737NGX AP and the use a parameter found on your list but didn't do anyting. What is the correct method Thank you
  13. lol oK I have to read and find info on how to interact. I really wish to have a lot's of money to buy Flightdeck or similar, so the driver was already created.
  14. Hi I have enable SDK 737NGX_Options.ini. I use Spad, I set it with virtual Button then in FSUIPC tab Buttons+switches I select for FS control choose in the list PMDG 737NGX: AT or if use a rotary switch PMDG 737NGX: Course moins. But there is no action. What is the best solution to process. Thank you
  15. I follow this thread since the beginning and also ngx forum but forgot to watch the updates page. Finally we can intercat with PMDG stuff, the wall is down no more macro and boring keybord shortcuts. Thank you very much, Pete, I am your Fan. Fabrizio
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