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Trouble with Engine1_RPM........

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I just went to FS2004 from FS2002 and one of my gauges stopped working. I have checked the gauge by sending data to it manually and it works fine. I use epicinfo to get the data from PH.

The one I am having trouble with is ENGINE1_RPM. It is PH100. I am setting the flag and scaling in epicinfo.cfg (ENGINE1_RPM =256, 0, 3500 ) When I look at epicinfo.log I see it is sending 0 value one time and never shows up again. All other gauges are working fine.

I have loaded FSUIPC 3.129.


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The one I am having trouble with is ENGINE1_RPM. It is PH100.

Yes, you are right. None of the Engine RPM values are working! :(

It's surprising no one found this before. It's because in FS2004 the values aren't provided by FS in the normal places -- in fact they are from different places depending on whether its a jet, turbo or prop -- and FSUIPC derives them, but to avoid conflicts it stores them differently. I forgot this when adapting EPICINFO for FS2004. :oops:

Sorry. I'll get it fixed and release a new one today or tomorrow.



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