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  1. If you looked in the FSUIPC Log file you would see the reason, as you have a definite error: The FSUIPC Lua library document tells you that the correct function to read an L_Var value is: n = ipc.readLvar(“name”) I think you are perhaps trying to use something from FS XML gauge language? Or maybe the more recent addition of Lua to FS (in P3D?). Aha! Seems for FSUIPC plug-ins you need to follow FSUIPC odcumentation instead!. That should not be surprising, I hope? Pete
  2. Pete Dowson

    2 function for 1 axis

    There are ways of making the actions of one button or switch dependent on another button, but there is no such option for key presses or any configuration way of mixing keypresses and buttons or switched. You'd need to write a small plug-in script in Lua, as a plug-in, and assign the rocker buttons to it so it can test if shift is pressed and send one of two different controls accordingly. Pete
  3. If, in FSUIPC Keys tab, using the review feature on the right-hand side, you do not see any of those keystrokes, then you must be using a Profile for them which you simply have not applied to this aircraft. Just click the checkbox next to where it says "Profile specific" top centre, then choose the correct profile. If this doesn't work then you have a corrupt settings file (the INI file in the Modules folder). Pete
  4. Hmm. Interesting. I no longer have any VRi devices, else I'd take a look. but thanks for explaining. Pete
  5. Are you not using Profiles at all? If you aren't then all the assignments you have made apply to all aircraft. If you are using profiles and you want to use the same settings for a different aircraft, just clicj the Prifle checkbox and select that Profile in the drop down list. There are pictures in the User Guide. Pete
  6. "Many" years? All the VRInsight devices I ever had, "many" yesrs ago, were not USB HID devices, but serial port "COM" devices, and the default 'driver' was "SerialFP2". So, I'm confused. If the methods I implemented in FSUIPC to support them are now "deprecated", why have VRI users requestedsuch support in FSUIPC5, for P3D4? I thought only the more recent VRInsight devices had moved away from this method. If not, and now all their devices, old and new, are well supported by a new system, I would be delighted to be able to remove this support. Can you confirm this please? When VRI changed tack and went, as I thouht, to standard USB methods, I never got any more information or anything from them. Everything you've told me about the driver you are using is news to me. Help would be appreciated. Pete
  7. Oh, so you can't actually assign them in FSUIPC? It seems a very odd capability, to be able to send only "a 5-digit decimal greater than 65535 plus a single value that is send as FS Control to FSUIPC". I obviously didn't fully comprehend this. And why only greater than 65535, when all of the specially-added fSUIPC controls have numbers in the few thoudads (1000 upwards)? Keystrokes are first intercepted by FSUIPC, only sent on if they aren't assigned there. Sorry, I don't know ehat this means in this context. Do you mean it addresses specific FS offsets to control things though FSUIPC? No, because most sch offsets are read-outs in any case, even if they can also be used to control. Unless you want to try keystrokes after all, you are probably best off sticking to your existing plans. But remember, FSUIPC can assign combination keystrokes, like Control+Shift+X or whatever, so there are lots of combinations probably not interfering with anything else. Pete
  8. I dont think it's a really good idea, though this should work unless you are using some other add-on which happens to use those control numbers. The only ones i know of are the PMDG Boeing aircraft add-ons, which obviously wouldn't apply. But there could be others. There are two rather more usual ways of doing what you are trying to do: 1. Have a macro file (.MCRO) with macros for those operations. A macro can do the same L:var writes you are using Lua for. See the section "Macros to change Lvars! on about page 42-3 in the FSUIPC Advanced User's guide. That's probably the most sensible way. Then just assign to the macros. 2. Use the offsets provided for Users, 66C0-66FF. Use them to signal the action you want and detect it in the Lua plug-in using event.offset or event.offsetmask. Assign to Offset Byte Set or Togglebits to trigger the action. Method 2 would be the most similar to what you are doing, with a similar Lua plug-in and different assignments, but method 1 is by far the simpler one and involves no loading of any special plug-ins. Pete
  9. Pete Dowson

    2 function for 1 axis

    Well, without venturing into a form of programming with a Lua plug-in (take a look at some of the samples in the ZIP in your FSUIPC documents folder to see if this is something you could do), the easiest thing to do is to assign both actions to the same axis (in FSUIPC up to four assignments can be made to axy axis). The brakes won't do anything in the air, the rudder does very little on the ground, especially if you have a tiller (which I assume you must have -- how else do you steer when taxiing? Pete
  10. Pete Dowson

    Not finding aircraft

    Ah! Apologies. I hadn't deduced from your inclusion of the Feelther INI that you were attempting to use the separate Profile files facility. However the parameter in the FSUIPC4.INI file is: UseProfiles=Yes You need UseProfiles=Files to make use of separate Profile files in the subfolder. Pete
  11. Pete Dowson

    Not finding aircraft

    You appear to misunderstand. Buttons and Keys are treated differently to Axes. You can have "generic" buttons and keypresses which apply to all, AND profile spcific ones which apply only to those aircraft. If a button or key occurs in both the specific one applies. This gives the most flexible arrangment, as there are many aircraft functions which will apply to almost all aircraft. Axes cannot be treated this way. You may have a yokeassigned for some aircraft (boeing airliners and many GA aircraft) but a stick for others (Airbus and fighter aircraft). If both were being scanned for aircraft there would be conflcts. So you either have profile specific or generic assignments for each aircraft. On the buttons and keys assignment tabs you can check nd uncheck the Profile Specific checkbox to swap back and forth between the two sets. You can't do that with Axes for the above reason. As it is, in any case you do not have any Profile Specfic buttons defined, only a few default ones: [Buttons] PollInterval=25 ButtonRepeat=20,10 1=RA,1,C65886,0 -{TRUE_AIRSPEED_CAL_DEC}- 2=RA,0,C65885,0 -{TRUE_AIRSPEED_CAL_INC}- 4=RE,19,K113,8 -{Key press: F2}- 5=PE,15,CL1:R,0 -{Lua DynamicFriction}- 6=RE,20,K113,8 -{Key press: F2}- 7=UE,20,K113,8 -{Key press: F2}- These will apply UNLESS overridden by profile specific assignments, which you don't have. Pete
  12. Checked this morning. There's no case dependency. it can be YES, yes, Yes, yES etc etc. The spelling of that and the parameter name is critical though. Pete
  13. Pete Dowson

    Weather Radar with FSUIPC 5.151

    Then it is working, but there are no wet rain clouds wthin the radar scan, so a blank image is produced. The latest Beta for ASP4 is for P3Dv4.5. Maybe you need to go back to the official ASP4 release if you are on 4.4.? Pete
  14. You used Lua logging to check this? Or did you add an ipc.log line in the function? Did you enable the 737NGX offset data by editing the 737NGX_Options.ini file, as described at the beginning of the PMDG offsets list provided? Also check that this parameter in the FSUIPC5.INI file: PMDG737offsets is set to 'Yes', or 'Auto'. not 'No'. If both are ok, add the offset to the Monitor (right-hand side of the FSUIPC Logging tab), to check if the offset value is changing. Pete
  15. Pete Dowson

    LIMIT 127

    Hmm. It could be a P3D bug. I doubt if any software other than FSUIPC uses the extra things L-M put in for the mouse macro making facility. John or I will look at it later in the week. Pete
  16. Well, Yes, yES, yes etc should all be the same really. Still, glad it worked and i'll make a note to double check that. Pete
  17. Pete Dowson

    LIMIT 127

    That's 3 positions not 6. You have to have one button for "on-off" and the other for "retract-off". For the two separate ones, if you want to operate them separately, then you'll either need two more buttons, or you'll need a Lua plug-in to work something out by program. To operate them in sync, however, just give them the same name when you make them. You'll get a multiaction macro like this:I dug up from an FSX example 9slightly different numbering system): 5=Namewithheld 5.1=RX10013,3 5.2=RX10014,3 5.3=RX10015,3 That's three actions executed in sequence with one assignment. Well, it is worrying -- if, in fact, it is FSUIPC. Does everything else carry on normally? You said you can complete the macro making, which means you can go back to the menu. Perhaps rather than freeze you meam that it doesn't want to make further macros then? still serious to e, but not the same level. Pete
  18. Pete Dowson

    Limit rudder movement

    Any value you like. For less sensitivity you need more than the 16383, that's all. You'd need to try values to suit yourself. Just be sure that the lowest value (the negative one0 is the same, but negative. Generally it is better to use the Slope option in calibration, however. Just use the ones which flatten in the centre (horizontally, not vertically). But really a well-designed add-on aircraft should work properly with standard calibration. If your FSLabs aircraft needs the sort of rudder fiddling you are wanting, then something must be wrong with it. Have you visited their Support Forum? Pete
  19. Pete Dowson

    LIMIT 127

    That's very strange. Unfortunately I have no aircraft with a cockpit worth setting mouse macros up for, though I suppose i could try it on one of the default aircraft. Perhaps John could try this. I'll ask him to take a look. Can you remind us what you are using -- is it P3D4 with FSUIPC5.151? Could that ChasePlane actually be contributing to this, do you think? is it possible to try without it running, just to see? A list of other add-ons you are using would be useful too, please. Pete
  20. My systems are off at present. Maybe not on till Manday now. But if you post your FSUIPC INI and your Wideclient.INI -- and your P2A settings (can't recall where they are or what the filename is, offhand), I can compare them with mine and sort it from there. Pete
  21. Pete Dowson

    P3D 4.5 and Airport Design Editor X

    Oh, good. I evidently misread your post on that. Pete
  22. Pete Dowson

    P3D 4.5 and Airport Design Editor X

    You need to enable "ipc Read" logging in the Logging tab, as I said. Else it won't show anything relevant to any application connection! Then just compare what the read lines show to what I posted earlier. Pete
  23. Pete Dowson

    P3D 4.5 and Airport Design Editor X

    It's only an "FSUIPC error" only to the extent that if the application asks for, say, and FSX connection, and FSUIPC is running in P3D, then that error is returned by the code supplied to programmers to show how to interface to FSUIPC. But as far as I can determine (without ADE's code), it doesn't. -- It connects asking for "any FS", in which case this error cannot be returned. And it is fine with me and with srcooke. But you need to check with ScruffyDuck on this. I'm not hacking their code (that's actually here the check is being made --it happens in the ADE process AFTER the FS Version number is returned to it in the way I described above, with the Log. (Did you try logging to compare your results?). Pete
  24. Pete Dowson

    CTD after P3d V4 load

    That makes it sure that it is using WX format data, weather on file or downladed. Pete
  25. What is the GF-46? sorry, I've clean forgotten their numbers. GFDev.dll is a 32-bit module, it doesn't work with P3D4. You need GFDev64.dll in the P3D4 modules folder. Both versions of GFDev are provided by GoFlight for programs like FSUIPC to handle their devices. There are reports of inconsistent working of USB devices when connected to USB3 sockets (the ones with blue showing). Make sure you plug into a USB2 socket. If that doesn't work you need GoFlight support. Pete

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