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  1. Several points there: 1. No way does TrackIR and FSUIPC have anything to do with each other. They are completely independent. 2. FSUIPC cannot possibly "kill" any hardware. Apart from an initial scan (reading data) to see what devices there are, and possible repeated scans if you enter the Assignments tabs, it does touch any hardware at all until you assign any in the FSUIPC Options. 3. FSUIPC most certinly cannot stop anything working in Windows. It simply has no preivileges to do so. It is not a driver or running at any low levels at all. Even the scanning it does initially only reads files (the Registry only) and the IDs supplied by each registered joystick device. 4. After P3D has closed FSUIPC is not even there, and it most certainly makes no changes to anything outside of its own foder, where it writes the FSUIPC5.LOG, FSUIPC5.Joyscan.csv and FSUIPC5.INI files. So, I'm sorry, but you need to look elsewhere to resolve your problems. Pete
  2. I'm not sure how you do that, but I know it is a regular needed thing to do. I don't have any firewalls between the 8 PCs involved in my Cockpit setup. I have too many needs for inter-PC connections. Googling on the subject finds this answer straight-away. (You should try internet searching, it helps me quite a lot): Add Firewall Program Exception Choose Control Panel from the Windows Start menu. ... Beneath Manage security settings for, select Windows Firewall. ... Determine the status of the Windows Firewall. ... Open the Exceptions tab and click the Add Program button. The program you'd need to allow access for is presumably P3D, though logically it would seem to be WideClient.exe -- except that if you already use that connecting to FSX-SE it should be there already, if needed. BTW Whenever you do want to report a problem with WideFS, you need to remember that there are two ends to the connection. I would need to see not only the WideClient.LOG but also the WideServer.LOG, which you'd find in the Modules folder next to the FSUIPC one. Pete
  3. The file only changes when you add or update airports. So why not process it once yourself and do what you wish with the data? Pete P.S. I can't really believe it takes as long as 10 seconds to load in any case. And once it is loaded once it will be cached for quite a while. I have over 600 scenery layers and the data tends to be more extensive, but even Makerunways only takes about 20 seconds when generating all the files, and there's a lot of those! If you are processing whilst you load, don't! Load it then process in memory.
  4. Loading time? How often do you have to load it? It should be negligible in any case. And if you mean processing time, surely one of the benefits of the tags is that you can pick and choose what you want to actually extract. If it is too much trouble, why not instead use one of the other formts, the CSVs or even the binary file. Sorry, but I really don't think such a change is justified. Pete
  5. LUA with event.textmenu in P3D41

    If I can remember next time I've got it all on. Far too busy with other things at present. Pete
  6. LUA with event.textmenu in P3D41

    No sure of a date at all, yet. As I've been working on the changes in FSUIPC5 i've hit flaws in the facility. he main one is detecting when the relevant windows are to be closed. The menus would be particularly annoying in this regard, as if a menu is outstanding, awaiting a selection, I should treat it as the priority display -- but after it has been answered it should obviously clear. I've got no way to detect that at present. I've asked L-M to have a look at implementing a propopsed soluiton to this, but this means it won't be a facility with the current 4.2 release. Maybe they'll be able to do it a hotfix. Pete
  7. LUA with event.textmenu in P3D41

    The facilities have been added by L-M in version 4.2. I am working on implementing these in FSUIPC5 at present. Hopefully i'll be able to release an update in a week or two. There'll be an update for Wideclient too, though the existing version should still be okay with it. The facility to hide the text messages on the P3D screen has been added by L-M in the main Options menu. I can't control that, so it remains a user option to hide or display on screen as well. The option is in the Information section, bottom right, called "Message Text" I think It doesn't operate on Menus -- I'm asking L-M about that at the moment. Pete
  8. How to get information from FSUIPC

    There are two ways, one designed more for non-programmers or for prototyping designs, and the other for programmers. The latter is mainly covered in the FSUIPC SDK which is available here (Download Links subforum). But if you use .NET languages it is easier to use Pault Henty's DLL which is covered in his subforum above. The other way is to use Lua plug-ins. you need a registered FSUIPC for that. Documentation and examples are provided in the FSUIPC Documents folder when you install FSUIPC. Pete
  9. DLL.TXT not shown

    You should NOT install WideServer.dll. As it says in the WideFS documentation, that is for FS2004 and earlier! Pete
  10. DLL.TXT not shown

    If you can see a WideServer.DLL, then I think you have either installed it for use in FS2004 or earlier, in which case you won't see a DLL.XML in any case as that is related to FSX and P3D OR, as seems more likely, you have installed WideServer.DLL by mistake and you should delete it. Of course, you may be using FS2004 and FSX or P3D? Pete
  11. Offset 0366

    Offset 0366, as clearly documented, is a 2-byte value (a short in C), which can range from 0 to 65535 (or -32768 to +32767 is treated as signed), so it cannot possibly have those values! It looks like you are reading it as an "int" which is normally a 4-byte or 32-bit value. You are reading the value at 0368 too, as the "high" 16-bits. That probably wasn't used in FS2004, or if it was was normally zero. Pete
  12. Are the lights on a dimmer? Is the axis value used as a brightness controls? Else i don't understand why light switchtes are on an axis. That's because the internal lookup tables only accommodate up to 4. even 4 axis conrttorls on one input is a rarity. You could probably assign to a macro file which can have as many normal control outputs as you wish. You omit the parameter vale to have it take the value from the axis. But I'd like to understand the reason for this odd request. Pete
  13. FSUIPC5 is a separate product and needs a new purchased key. (The WideFS key is the same -- both use WideFS7). Pete
  14. No, I've tested on my cockpit system with many separate PC clients. There's no way in the code that having clients driven by the WideServer code has anything to do with the small calculating code called by the PDK frame event. Pete
  15. Well, I could rip a bit of code out, though I won't pending L-M one day providing the Frame Rate as a proper data item like others, instead of just part of data supplied only by the frame event from SimConnect. Strange though, it is okay here, both on the same PC and on a true WideClient. I don't see why it should be different for you, and a factor of 3 does seem very suspicious. I'll probably just default UsePDF=No in a subsequent update. The only penalty is back to many more SimConnect calls per second, which is only really a possible penalty for those with several heavy SimConnect users (PMDG aircraft, ChasePlane, ProATC, ProSim, etc ... they all add up). The fact that folks may not have noticed any adverse effect of the loading helps, but I like things to be as efficient as possible nonetheless. Pete
  16. FSUIPC and Course control bug

    The course selector is called the OBI. There are VOR1 and VOR2 OBI DEC and INC controls -- the VOR1 one being the left one or, if you only have one, the only one. Pete
  17. With the use of the P3D4 PDK now, FSUIPC does not receive the frame rate from the sim. (I've complained to L-M about this, and hope for a solution). So, in the interim FSUIPC calculates the frame rate itself based on the number of Frame calls it gets from the PDK per second, averaged every 1/6th second. Here this is quite accurate, though usually different from the one shown on screen in the Sim. It is very close though, all the time. The idea of using the PDK for Frame rate calls instead of SimConnect was to reduce the loading on SimConnect -- by that number of calls per second. It is worrying that in your case the frame rate is so different. I'd like to know why the PDK in your case only calls FSUIPC at 1/3rd of the actual frame rate. Can you describe what P3D4 is doing, what else is running? You can change back to the older method by setting UsePDK=No (see the INI file), but I'd like to know why you see such a discrepancy. If these PDK calls a so unreliable I shall have to abandon the idea. It will be affecting a lot more than just the frame rate offset value. Pete
  18. I would definitely need the crash data from Windows then. And it may not be just one .wx file. Best try moving them all out of the Documents folder. You can delete wxstationlist.bin -- P3D will make a new one. That's rather odd then ... There is an INI file parameter to turn off all weather stuff in FSUIPC. You could set that to test too: NoWeatherAtAll=Yes It goes in the [General] section. Pete
  19. I think you need to check in the PMDG support forum then. FSUIPC is not at all involved in menu dropdowns. That is entirely a matter between FSX and the video drivers. And how do you know about those displays if they are invisible? Aha! That certainly points to video drivers then. Try changing them. BTW you posted a support request in a reference subforum. Please always look that you are in the right place before posting to a forum. I've moved it for oyu or it would not have been seen for quite a while. Pete Pete
  20. FSUIPC really doesn't care where you are in the world and does nothing different at all dependening on location, so I really don't think it can be FSUIPC. Are all these airports add-ons, possibly using a common file? Are they from the same supplier?r are they default? What about other parts of the World, why only US NE and England? Which English airports, for instance. I have all of the UK2000 ones and have no problems (but I don't have any add-on airports for the US). The crash report indicates a crash in facilities.dll, part of P3D. I think you have a problem in your scenery installs or associated addons. It may seeem better without FSUIPC, but that could just be because FSUIPC does regularly ask P3D for airport facilities data so that it can provide applications with the nearest airport identifier. Also, as well as FSUIPC, you are running three other add-on DLLs internally: There's really no way FSUIPC can force an error in n L-M module, but I am prettty sure that facilities.DLL is reading data in the Scenery BGLs. But I think those other DLLS might be also doing things airport scenery-related. In particular, make sure SODE is up to date. I'm not sure about the other two. Pete
  21. And have you done the test the other way around too, with Chaseplane disabled and FSUIPC running? I see no way the two can interact. They have nothing to do with each other. Judging by the Log file, the place at which the crash happens (presumably where the log stopped) more usually indicates a corrupt weather file -- a .WX file in the P3D4 Documents folder, or the WXstationlist.bin file in the same folder as your P3D CFG file (ProgramData). You haven't supplied the details from the CTD. You'll find those in the Windows Event Viewer. The module and location within it are of significance and would be much more illuminating. Pete
  22. Use Prepar3Dv4 Add-On system?

    Actually, without a lot more changes, and revising documentation, and changing existing users expectations, and affecting quite a few add-ons such as Linda, I do. The only reason the Installer has to have admin privileges is because of the use of a Modules folder within the P3D folder. The majority of users still install their sim in its default destination, the Program Files folder, and I have to create the Modules folder and change its access permissions. I don't think you actually need admin privileges to read or write the places where P3D CFG, DLL.XML and EXE.XML are located. Of course, you didn't use to need the admin privileges for any Installer. Not sure when that changed -- is in Win10, or is it Program Files vs Program Files (x86)? Pete
  23. It does work, but it depends upon the add-on aircraft's gauges being written strictly to certain original Microsoft development guidelines for gauges. In fact even Microsoft diregarded those "rules" and in many of the default aircraft mouse macros cannot be used either. On top of this, many recent add-on aircraft use gauges written in XML, which cannot be called directly either. If the add-on doesn't not provide its own add-on "custom controls" (like the PMDG 737, 747, 777), and does not provide assignable keyboard shortcuts, then the only other remaining method maybe using local panel variables (L:Vars). There are various facilitieis provided to check this, including an assignable FSUIPC control to log then, and a Lua plug-in to display them in real time. Macros can be devised to write to these and they can be read and written in Lua plug-ins. As a first step I would search for other user's solutions, both here and in the User Contributions subforum. Also check whether LINDA solves the problems for this aircraft. Pete
  24. Lua event.button syntax

    The function definition RECEIVES values, but you have pre-defined values instead. The event.button function, as you say, is defined as having a definition of function-name(joynum, button,downup) which means it has three parameters provided: the joystick number, the button number, and whether the button in down or up. YOU do not pre-defined these, those parameters are filled in for you. If you want them you give them names and refer to those names in the code which follows. This is the way functions are in every language I know of. In the above case, your one function could actually, if you wished, be called by defined events for any number of other buttons. BTW: Really, for help with the Lua language specifically you should visit the Lua website, as pointed to in my Lua facilities documentation. I am not the really person to teach basic programming (I am a really lousy teacher! ;-) ).. Pete
  25. Actually, though you say 5.122, the installer is for 5.123b. That is also out of date. The current and only supported installer is for 5.124. Please download the current version. The log you show is not the "FSUIPC5.Log", but the Install log. It shows that the Registry says your P3D4 is installed here: AppPath="C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\" but the Prepar3D.exe file, the one you have to run, is not there! FSUIPC's installer can correct the registry for you, but it appears you identified the same path: "C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4" where there's apparently no EXE to run P3D. Have you renamed the EXE? Are you perhaps trying to use one of the migration programs which does things like that? Do you have a shortcut on screen which you use to start P3D4? If so, and it works, use right-click Properties to see what path and EXE name that uses. Pete