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WideFS and FS2004

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Could it be possible WideFS shuts off FS2004 ??? Sometimes running OPEN GC or FREE FD on one computer, FS2004 quits by itself. No error messages, just like I had quit the application.

WideFS does nothing by itself, it only acts as a channel for your applications, on the client, to talk to FSUIPC and thence FS on the Server. The application can tell FS to close by sending an appropriate control, but if it does that it would do so if run locally, on the FS PC, as well.

I don't know Open GC or Free FD but possibly they are doing something FS doesn't like. You could try logging IPC writes (FSUIPC options, Logging page). Look in the FSUIPC.LOG after the closing of FS and see what the last thing written by your application was. Of course there's a possibility that FS closes too quickly for FSUIPC to update the log, in which case this may not help much.

If OpenGC and FreeFD are what they sound like, merely separate gauges and so on, then they would mainly only be reading data, not writing it, so it seems unlikely that this is the cause. You'd then need to carry out a process of elimination to determine what is really causing it. certainly sudden closing to desktop with no error message was, and maybe still is, a type of FS crash which was quite common during its pre-release testing, so much so it became known simply as "CTD" ("Crash To Desktop"). I think most of those eventually turned out to be sound or video driver problems.

BTW please make sure you are using the latest versions of both FSUIPC and WideFS.



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