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I have been searching for hours on trying to understand how to forward something from EPICUSB into FSUIPC. It seems that there are buttons defined, like MCP_ALT for project magenta. I have went through the EPIC USB examples to no avail as they are less then clear. I noticed you mentioned before that you are not a current EPIC programmer so perhaps someone else can answer. I am just looking to set 1 button to press the MCP_ALT button or something similar. Preferrably over WIDEFS if that is possible. I see lots of mention of POV's and all the EPIC information that I got with the product is for EPICISA and does not seem to work. The last person who asked received some information about HID but the example is not overly verbose. Also this information was about working directly with FS as opposed to FSUIPC. Anyway, perhaps someone can offer some info here.


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It seems possible that by setting the following in EPICINFO.CFG


and then using the following in .EPL


It will send pulse for the MCP_ALT button to Project Magenta.

I will try this and let you all know. Anyone who has EPIC working in sending buttons to EPICINFO and Project Magenta, any information would be appreciated.

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I have found out, through the help of RR, how to get buttons going with EPICINFO. Also how to handle MCP_ALT and others. I will be posting a complete set of information on this here and at blue side up once I have it completely documented.

Thank you very much!

Happy New Year!

Pete Dowson

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I have posted a tutorial out on AVSIM's forum under miscellaneous. It contains EPICINFO.CFG files along with sample EPL code for controlling Project Magenta (just EFIS right now). I hope that it helps some people get this working together. Before I can continue with it I need to solve something with EPICINFO/FSUIPC. It seems that some of the Project Magenta settings (like WXR, TERRAIN) are available as controls in FSUIPC (Page 20 advanced guide) but do not seem available to EPICINFO. To simplify the programming I am hoping to use just one of the two (EPICINFO.CFG, FSUIPC.INI) to define the buttons used by EPIC to interact with Project Magenta. Is there a chance that the missing buttons can/will be added to EPICINFO?

Thanks, Russ

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Is there a chance that the missing buttons can/will be added to EPICINFO?

It's difficult enough for me to keep up with Enrico's changed in FSUIPC, let alone the code in EPICINFO which is in fact far older (dating back years). Enrico says he's going to revise quite a lot of this stuff soon, hopefuly keeping backward compatibility, and after that maybe I'll look at trying to catch up again, though it wouldn't be my top priority -- FSUIPC would.

Meanwhile the button programming in FSUIPC is actually easier to use, as (a) it is on-line in FS, and (b) it recognises the buttons without you having to work out any numbers and so on. When I added all that to FSUIPC I didn't actually remove the older facilities in EPICINFO since that would incapacitate existing set-ups, but I had hoped not to have to go back and continue modifying the latter.



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