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pressure changes smoothing

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I use FS9+ FSMetar with FSUIPC (registered version).

The problem is that when I change from a WX station to another, the pressure change is also brutal.

Is there a way to smooth pressure changes either by FSUIPC or by FS9 setting.

Not sure what you mean be "change from one WX station to another". If you are jumping about amongst weather stations with different weather set, then you'd expect things to change suddenly.

If you mean flying between them, then it isn't the two specific weather stations controlling weather at the aircraft, but many from the neighbourhood.

I don't know FSMetar. With the latest versions of FSMeteo and ActiveSky, the weather is set at surrounding weather stations, and what is being experienced at the aircraft is supposed to be interpolated between them (many more than two). This should guarantee smooth changes, and is exactly the same as what you'd get in FS's own dowloaded real weather.

I've not noticed any "brutal" pressure changes with any weather source, but then I've not tried FSMetar so I don't know what it is doing. If it is feeding Global weather only to FS then certainly the pressure smoothing in FSUIPC should work, but I cannot recommend global weather in FS2004, for reasons explained in my documentation.

The only real "brutal" changes I know about are the 180 degree swings in the wind direction, which is the interpolation going wrong. I'm pretty sure that's an FS bug as it can be reproduced with downloaded weather too and no add-on in sight. Oddly, the wind speed changes are quite smooth.

If I were you I'd contact the author of FSMetar and see what he/she says.



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I finally find where to "smooth" the pressure changes. It is in "technical" not in "Winds" where I first searched ...

It has always been there. It wouldn't be in "winds" in any case. It should really be in "Pressure" but as it would be the only option there it wasn't worth making a new page.

It only affects the values being supplied TO FS, not what FS does with it thereafter.



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