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:cry: I just payed for FSUIPC 3 and got 7 emails. All

of them confirming and thanking me etc. But, can not

tell if I download or what.

Seven? How odd.

Can I download FSUIPC ??????????

Yes, of course. It is at

, along with all my other software. YTou don't have to pay for it to download it. You can download it, install it and use it for freeware applications for free. Please check some of the announcements at the top of this forum.

FSUIPC and all my other programs have always been free downloads. You only pay to use some of the facilities (or in the case of WideFs, to make it work).

Do I come here for answer or wait for email ?????

This is for Technical Support. You just need to read things a little more carefully I think. It does tell you where you can get FSUIPC on the page where you paid for it. It does also tell you to expect the access key within 24 hours.

There are links to FSUIPC on the Schiratti website all over the place, and the program is available in lots of other places too. SimMarket only deals with the registration, which is usually something folks do AFTER they've got the program, installed it, and read the instructions. Maybe you didn't need to pay anything for what you want to do!?



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:lol: Hi Pete,

I may have paid for something I did not have too. But,

I have been using your free stuff for three years

and paying for this package is my great big

THANK YOU for all the work you have done.

Its you work and others like you that make this hobby

so enjoyable. We sure do not get that from Microsoft.

I have done so much addon work in FS2002 that I am

kicking screaming coming into FS2004. I am trying

to fiqure out how to dump their crazy jetways and

use something like Lagos to make a realistic airport.

The worst case I have seen so far is the heavy gate

G-30 at KLAX. I will buy steak and drinks if anyone

can tell how to get a 747 out of that gate.




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