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re: V3.2's GoFlight support THANK YOU PETE

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As I posted over on Avsim, I won't be able to try out this new functionality until I return home from Hawaii on the 18th, but this is at first blush great news. I have a number of GF modules, and I had a few issues with some of them (e.g. the RP48's rotaries could not generate keystrokes, limiting their usefulness, and also the LGT's landing gear lever could not actuate the Flight1 Meridian's landing gear due to the latter's customized programming). If I'm reading 3.2's capabilities correctly these things can be addressed, as well as some other niggles that I've had with various things, and this will greatly improve the usability of my GF stuff.

The ability to save settings per-aircraft is also very welcome.

Thanks, Pete. You are hereby nominated for FS Guy of the Year for 2004. The year is young, but in my mind this crown already has an owner.

Dave Blevins

Dave Blevins

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and this will greatly improve the usability of my GF stuff.

Good. Of course FSUIPC is not driving the indicator LEDs or displays on Goflight equipment, so you don't win all ways. I'm not sure what to do about the displays. I may consider doing a sort of "GFINFO.DLL", along the lines of my EPICINFO.DLL, but I won't have time to do this for some time, I'm afraid.

Just in case there are any questions on all this, I have to tell you that I will be away on holiday from this coming Thursday 19th Feb till Thursday 11th Mar, inclusive.



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I will second this : THANK YOU PETER

I own the 737NG and I tried this yesterday evening. It works fine. I could map my whole MCP and a RP48 for the remaining AP functions and the display. The fact you can map fast and slow rotary buttons is brilliant.

This is really something I have been wishing for for some time.


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