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Little Correction On VB Source

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Hi Mr.Dowson,

I found a little bug on the FSUIPC.BAS file. I fix the problem. And I would like to inform you about this fix.

Problem :

When The first attemp to connect to FSUPIC the FSUIPC_OPEN function is used. Everything goes well. You can have version of actual FSUIPC.dll.

But when you try to CHECK the connection by using FSUIPC_OPEN, because of the earlier established connection, the function returns with errorcode 1 (Attempt to Open when already Open) and exits form function. Before exiting from function, the vesion information is reseted.


Change the place of initialize varibles in FSUIPC_OPEN function :

' abort if already started

If (m_pView& <> 0) Then


FSUIPC_Open = False

Exit Function

End If

' initialize vars

nTry = 0

fWideFS = False

i = 0

FSUIPC_Version = 0

FSUIPC_FS_Version = 0


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I found a little bug on the FSUIPC.BAS file. I fix the problem. And I would like to inform you about this fix.

Thanks. It looks like the VB programmer, who converted this from my own C source file (IPCuser.c, also in the SDK) made an error. I wonder if this carried over into any of the other language versions?

In the C version the sequence is actually:

static int nTry = 0;


int i = 0;

// abort if already started

if (m_pView)

{ *pdwResult = FSUIPC_ERR_OPEN;

return FALSE;


// Clear version information, so know when connected

FSUIPC_Version = FSUIPC_FS_Version = 0;

As you can see, it is only the two Version Number fields that need clearing after the "already open" check. In C the other variables are local to the procedure in any case, and not accessible outside.

I'll fix the VB source (carefully, as I am not familiar with VB :wink: ) for the next update.



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