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A bug in key combinations..??

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Hi Pete, maybe you have some feedback on this...thx

I use:



so far, so good... these are the default keys from FS9...

BUT here is the prob:


I set my spd in ap with mouse by clikking on the speed knob, say 250, and click on the spd hold switch..fine, everything good.


I set my spd in ap with mouse by clikking on the speed knob, say 250, and

use CTRL+R to turn on the spd hold switch..

BUT: the switch turns on and works, but the spd value in the display resets to zero... this is very strange, it happens also with the hdg selector. So I have to go back to the spd knob and set it again to 250...

i've tried it with many planes def and not but the problem persist, so I'm pretty sure its a FS9 bug...

What could be done?

Do u think FSUIPC key assignments feature can override such problem?


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I don't use keyboard controls, but I am aware that some of the A/P holds do mean "hold at the current actual value", not as you may think, "hold at the A/P set value". Certainly CTRL+R for speed hold and CTRL+Z for altitude hold work like that.

CTRL+H doesn't do it though -- that respects the heading bug/value.

The "AP Airspeed Hold" control retains the AP setting, however, so you could re-program the CTRL+R keypress in FSUIPC to operate that control -- it will then do the same as clicking the button on the panel.



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