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EPIC ISA under windows XP

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I do not manage to install my EPIC card ISA under Windows XP. It is nevertheless possible.

It is not possible using my VXD which only works with Win95/98/Me. I know that Ralph of R&R (EPIC makers/designers) was intending to extend the Windows driver he developed for the USB EPIC to handle the ISA version too, but I've not heard that he did actually complete this yet. You need to inquire directly to him, or at least to Flight Link, the distributors.

There is also an EPIC web section in Avsim, called bluesideup I think (try http://www.avsim.com/bluesideup) which may help.



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There are updated drivers for Epic ISA running under Win2K.


Maybe they are also working with XP. I do not know. But there are some limitations:

- Analogs will not work in Gaming Options.

- Epiccenter is not fully compatible

- You cannot use the advanced USB EPL code.

I played a bit around with the ISA version with Win2K but I find it not very good. For me it is the best either to use the ISA version under Win 98 or the USB version with Win2K or XP.

Unfortunately Ray closed the Blue Side Up EPIC forum.

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thank you for your helpI think that I'll buy an EPIC USB:-)

But it is stupid, my EPIC ISA works very well and I have a pentium 4 3.06 ghz with slot ISA... It is boring to stay under windows 98 with this configuration ...


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