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according to the FSUIPC for Programmers doc, there are offsets &h2DC to &h2E1 (6 Bytes) for reading the ADF 2 identifier.

I managed to read the ADF1 Ident, but the ADF2 doesn't work.

Also tests with FSInterrogate are negative.

It works fine. Provided your aircraft is ADF2 equipped, AND it is tuned to a frequency which is being received okay, both the ID and the name are readable. You cannot read details of NDBs which aren't being received, nor can you use ADF2 on aircraft not so equipped.

Note that ADF2 is only a capability with FS2004. there isn't one before FS2004. Also, none of the default aircraft have a second ADF. You have to add it. Do you have an aircraft with a second ADF?

If you think everything is correct, please let me see what you have in locations 02D4, 02D6 and where in the world you are, and I'll test that specific NDB for you -- my local test area is the vicinity of EGCC and ADF2 works fine with WHI (368.5), as an example. Try there.


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I wonder how to add a second ADF to my aircraft.cfg file, i.e. adding a ADF2 receiver.

Just find the [Radios] section. you will see how to do it then, quite easily. The ADF1 is there by

Adf.1 = 1

Just add

Adf.2 = 1

Of course this doesn't get you the gauge in the panel -- that's another matter.



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