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FSUIPC with others Microsoft simulator

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Is FSUIPC work with Combat Flight Simulator ?

It has some functionality with CFS and CFS2, though none at all with CFS3 -- the first two were very similar in structure and design to FS, but CFS3 was a completely different monolithic design with no way in for additional modules in any case.

What you may or may not be able to do with FSUIPC in CFS is debatable. Not a lot I fear. CFS was not much further developed really than FS98 so the level of support would be similar to FS98 but less because of all the bits of FS missed out.

CFS2 is much better supported and is sort of a mid-way thing between FS2000 and FS2002, minus loads of stuff omitted as irrelevant to combat simulation.

In the end I should try it and see if it does what you want. But I cannot support it, so please take is as it comes.

And ohers MICROSOFT simulators as Cars, Nascar ...... ?

No way, there's nothing else remotely similar which any of my FS modules will work with. Sorry.



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thank you and how to use with CFS 1&2 ?

Just put it in the Modules folder, as per instructions.

What are you wanting to use it for anyway? As I said, I don't think it will do much in CFS, but more in CFS2. I don't have either so I cannot really tell you now what works and what doesn't, but whatever does work will follow the documentation.



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