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I like to now if there is a way to program the rotary dials of my goflight gf45 into the pmdg 737 mcp and how to handle because i am not a experence user of fsuipc I have a registrated version of fsuipc.

Regards martin

First, bear in mind that the GF displays aren't driven by FSUIPC.

For the rotaries, if you go to the Buttons page of FSUIPC's options and turn the knobs you should see FSUIPC display some joystick, button number. Each rotary has 4 such numbers, fast and slow, clockwise and counter-clockwise. For each one you can assign Keystrokes or FS Controls.

I think for PMDG you have to use Keystrokes. The ones you need will be listed by PMDG someplace. Sorry, I can't help you there -- I don't use any panels at all.

If when you are turning the knobs FSUIPC doesn't see them, you need to install the latest GF Config program and driver from the GoFlight website.



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ok I got the latest goflight software installed but when i rotate or push any but fsuipc do not seems to work no joystick # or such

any sugestions

According to Doyle Nickless, if you download his driver software and install it according to instructions, it now includes the GFDev.DLL in the same path as the GFConfig.EXE program you use to program GF devices with GoFlight software. Look there. If it isn't there, or not installed correctly, FSUIPC can't read GoFlight buttons.



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