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reverse thrust on joystick

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Sorry Pete, I looked at the user guide and I just don't understand how to change the settings. I fly both turboprops and jets in FS9. Carl

If you don't tell me which part you don't understand, how can I possibly help here? If I could explain it better I would do it in the documentation. That is what it is for. The documentation has been used successfully by thousands, even those whose English is not so good. I spent a lot of time on it!

If you want help you have to do some of the work -- it is no use me reproducing the best explanation I can muster here when it is already in the documentation.



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I thought I could get help from someone on the form.

Of course you can get help here. I'll be delighted to help. But you do have to be more specific. Just asking "how do I do ..." when it is explained already in documentation that I spent weeks preparing doesn't help, because all I can then do is reproduce the relevant parts of the documentation, which is obviously silly.

Surely you must understand that if I have tried my utmost to explain it as best I can in the documentation, I am not likely to be able to do better here in different or fewer words.

Please, therefore, do as I say. Go back to the document, read the parts about joystick calibration. Just try calibrating the throttle first -- if you come across a step there which you don't understand, come back and ask about that particular part.

When you've calibrated succssfully, the rest is as easy as pie.

Please don't feel you are being re-buffed. It is just that you sound like you aren't even bothering to look at the documentation, which is very upsetting considering the amount of time I spent on it! If you are looking at it, prove it by explaining what parts you don't understand.

If it is just that you don't understand English at all, then please say so. I am sure we can find someone here who will help translate the relevant parts.



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