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quick question for Pete - AdvDisp issue

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Is it possible for you to take a look at this posting?:

Why aren't you docking the AdvDisplay window? That display is only the initial one for you to position and dock, or lock. You can associate it with any one of your many cockpit parts -- please check the documentation.

As to why there's some interaction with that panel, I really don't know. Maybe the panel author is getting up to some weird or fancy tricks which gets things confused.

Oh, BTW, AdvDisplay won't be "hammering" anything. It does virtually nothing except display a window. It will be some interaction with the panel which is doing the "hammering", but why it doesn't like the AdvDisplay window I can't say. Something to do with video drivers probably?

If that's the PMDG display, can you tell me what you mean by "flashing between FS9 panel views, ect." and "using any panel that opens separate views, when moving that sub view ...". Does it do the same in maximised windowed mode as well as full screen mode? Do you have "render to texture" set -- that seems to be quite problematic with 2D panels.

I have the PMDG stuff (though I don't use the panels normally), and I can run AdvDisplay docked, locked or undocked anywhere on the 2D panel (737-700 tested), both in Windowed mode and Full Screen mode. This is on a Matrox Parhelia video card.

I see you are using pretty much the latest nVidia drivers. Have you tried some earlier ones? Sometimes the very latest aren't the best.



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