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Hi Pete,

Is it possible to add a feature which allows us to conduct a Hot Reload of the INI file?

I'm going through the process of assigning multiple keystrokes to my GoFlight push button modules. Everything is progressing perfectly. But to make things go just a little faster, I'd like to be able to re-load the INI file without having to restart the sim so my manual changes can take affect.

Just an idea.


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Is it possible to add a feature which allows us to conduct a Hot Reload of the INI file?


Actually, for aircraft specific entries in the Buttons and Keys sections, I think they will get loaded if you edit them for a different aircraft, then change to that aircraft (or just change and return). This is because there's no limit on the number of different aircraft I may have to cater for, and I don't know their names in any case before they are loaded. So, those sections are read when needed.

I will add the facility to reload the general Buttons and Keys sections to my list of things to do. Rather than have a special button/key/menu option to do this, though, I think I would reload it when the aircraft is changed/reloaded (even if same aircraft). That should be easy enough.

Alternatively, just going to the Keys or Buttons pages in the options and "okaying" out could be made to do it.

What do you think?

I don't want to apply this to any of the other sections in the INI file, though. Much too dangerous -- I would have to recheck too much of my coding. The buttons and keys stuff is okay because it is all concentrated in two specific modules, nicely self-contained really.



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I think reloading the buttons/keys with the aircraft is fine. I have a key assigned to that for when I'm editing the Viewpoint. But maybe that's too dependent on FS. Meaning, why would you want the action to be invoked by the sim. Maybe it would be better to load that section when opening the Buttons/Keys tabs. Or maybe both?

If I had to choose, I'd choose re-load with the aircraft. To me, that's just one keypress instead of four mouse clicks.

Thanks for considering it.


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