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any ideas welcome.

I think something you've installed, probably a video driver, but perhaps an application, has replaced one of the standard system libraries with an older version, or one not 100% compatible with your version of Windows, or at least other libraries.

Dialogues like the options in FSUIPC are not sized in absolute terms in the application, but in ways which allows the library to scale them to suit whatever screen resolution, font sizes and other differences there may be. The odd thing noticeable here is that the row of Tabs at the top is correctly scaled to fit the window size, but the standard dialogue part inside is not.

Probably one is handled by routines in one library and the other (being simple standard old-fashioned dialogues) is handled in another, and the two you have installed aren't compatible.

The thing now, though is to identify them and see how you can re-install. The most likely library is one called COMCTL32.DLL. This is used to actually create the overall window (called a "Property Sheet"). Find that file in your Windows folders -- for Win2K and WinXP is should be in the windows\system32 folder. Check the version and date, and maybe try re-installing it (you'll probably need to get Windows to do that for you as it may be in use all the time).

I am using WinXP Pro, SP1 (not dared install SP2 yet!), and my COMCTL32.DLL is Version 5.82.2800.1106, 29th August 2002.

I have Win98SE on an older PC and that has COMCTL32.DLL in its Windows\System folder, version 5.81, also 29th August 2002.

Both work fine. I am using nVidia drivers in both, completely different versions however.

You could also try to use Windows System File Checker. In Win98 this is by using Start-Run and entering SFC. That program also provides the way to reinstall a selected file which may be your best bet.

On WinXP, SFC seems to be a DOS program which needs command line parameters, and I can't see it providing the same service, so I'm not sure what you do. If you are using WinXP then maybe Katy Pluta over in the FS2004 Forum can tell you how to sort it out. She is a good Windows expert.

Good luck!



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