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Hi Pete

Over the past week or so I have had problems with FS "freezing" whenever I get to within 20 miles of LHR.

I have Server set up on my FS machine (running PM FMC and GC) and 3 Clients all of which are running PM GC's.

The first time this happened was at the end of a 10:30 flight from LAX, the second from GCTS and last night the LAX flight - again!!

However, last night before I booted the whole shebang into touch, I had a look around and when I went back into a Windows screen, at the top of the screen I noticed that I had 42, yes FORTY TWO clients connected!

Once I kicked the 3 client computers into touch, FS resumed as if nothing had happened and after what was a "ten minute pause" I completed the flight without further incident. Wierd, or what?

I have changed nothing over the past fortnight except for the resumption of online flying with Vatsim.

I'm not a tecky person so any non tecky advice would be gratefully accepted.


Andy Soper-Hall

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at the top of the screen I noticed that I had 42, yes FORTY TWO clients connected!

As explained in the WideFS documentation, this indication can occur when clients time out the Server and re-connect. After a while without any queries from the now "unused" client connections, the Server will remove them and the number decreases. But the Server allows more time for the Client than vice versa. It sounds like no messages got out to one or more of your clients for quite a while.

You say

Once I kicked the 3 client computers into touch ...

What does this mean? What did you kick? Are they going into some sort of sleep or suspended mode? You don't have some power management timeout operating on them, do you? Obviously if they stop receiving messages for any reason they whole thing will grind to a halt.

Anyway, as with any sort of support request, if you want any help or advice I need version numbers and Log files. But first do please check these yourself, and especially make sure you are using the currently supported versions of WideServer, WideClient and FSUIPC, as listed near the top of this Forum.

If you still need help, Zip up the files and write some description of your systems and the circumstances and send to me at petedowson@btconnect.com.



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