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FSUIPC and FS9.1-Update

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Hi Pete,

first of all thanks for your programm and the permanent work to hold your standard.

Since installing the Update I still have problems with FSUIPC,

for example FS-Combo does not notice the right version and also since the update for example the "magic battery" is not alive and avionics stop working after a view minutes, but in FSUIPC I put 500 in.

I reinstall FSUIPC completely and install again with the newest version,

but the problems will be still the same.

The only other installation after the FS-Update was the FeelThere CRJ.

Do you have any idea??

Thanks for help,

greetings from Germany

Udo Bahner

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Since installing the Update I still have problems with FSUIPC

You had problems before? What were they?

Are there errors reported in the Log?

Did you check to ensure that you have a properly updated FS9.1? So far I think all these problems are a result of an FS9.1 update which did not complete correctly. See the list of changed modules in my own FS9.1 update announcement at the top of this forum and check your installation please.

The DLL causing most of the problems appears to be WEATHER.DLL. It seems there's a patched version of the 9.0 DLL going around. If this was installed before you applied the FS9.1 update, then the latter will not replace it with the new one, and the result will stop FSUIPC from working.

If this is the case, and it sounds like it, then I am surprised FS itself doesn't give other problems. It will certainly cause problems for many add-ons in such a mixed up state. And it won't operate as Microsoft intended it to -- you will be missing many of the improvements.

I am working on trying to make FSUIPC deal with any horrible mixture of FS9.0 and FS9.1 modules, but it isn't easy, and a horror to test. And it won't make your FS work as FS9.1 should be, it would just stop people writing to me about it! :wink:



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Hello again, Pete,

many thanks for your help!!

I checked all dll.s with the result you wrote before, all dll.s been updated but not the weather.dll - any programm change this but saves the old,

also I change back to the original weather.dll and reinstall the FS9-Update, and everything is O.K now !!

Again many thanks,


Udo Bahner

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