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I was reading thru the Advanced Users guide and saw the section on InitialButton

Is it possible to auto start FS Navigator key F9 when FS9 starts using this feature?

Yes, it should be possible, though I've not tested it for FSNav (I don't use it I'm afraid).

In fact it was for that purpose the facility was added -- are you the chap who asked for it many moons ago? It actually made it into version 3.40 a month ago. Version 3.41 is available now.

To see what's added in each new version it is best to peruse the History document (or the details for each release reproduced at the top of this Forum). Otherwise it is easy to miss stuff buried in one or other of the documents.



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wasn't me but I do remember a few versions back you had a check for auto starting fs navigator, think it was on the technical tab??

It wasn't to do that, but to restore the state of FSNav -- docked or undocked. I always had FSNav undocked on a separate monitor and it annoyed me that it would never rember that. In fact it never remembered the position or size either.

Then the author of FSNav said he'd fixed it so it did remember, so I removed all that code and discarded it. It was a problem anyway as it depended on things in FSNav that changed on each version.

In actual fact, the fix that he made to FSNav was to remember position and size, but not the state docked/undocked. I gave up at that point.

anywho, what would be the entry for the F9 key?

Program a button to operate F9 in the FSUIPC Buttons page. The "InitialButton" option just specifies which button you want to simulate "pressed".


The format is joystick number, button number. Nothing in that line for "F9", you simply say which button is to be pressed.

If you don't want to use a real button, change it in the INI file afterwards to any button you don't have.

Isn't this clear enough in the document? If not I'll look at improving what is written, but please tell me what you are misunderstanding.



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