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Offset 4645

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Is it real that i not find the offset 4645 in the FSUIPC.DLL?

What does that mean? Where in the DLL are you trying to look? The offset mapping is only valid when you run FS with FSUIPC installed. There's no point in looking at the DLL module itself.

If you mean you cannot read or write it through the FSUIPC interface, but of course you can, but why do you want to?

If on the other hand you mean that it is not specifically listed in the Programmer's Guide, in the FSUIPC SDK, then that is because it is in part of the offset map which is allocated for use by specific application programs. It is no business of mine what such allocations are used for, nor is it my job to publish them even if I knew. Most are private between parts of the individual applications in any case.

Please try to be a little more specific next time you ask a question, eh? It is difficult to know what you are asking in this case.



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I want to use it with program OHL from HCSDT.

Because the offset of FSUIPC (4645 BIT 1) is on when the APU Master SW is on. I want to read this in the FSBUS Programm an light an LED!

I hope you understand what i mean!

Yes -- it seems you do realise that the offset is allocated and maintained by an application.

In that case, what is the problem. It is readable and writable just like any other offset in FSUIPC. Try using FSInterrogate, or program a button or keystroke in FSUIPC using the Offset bit manipulation controls.



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