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FS Modules on multi computers?

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I've got the PMDG software, but is it possible to use the PFD / ND / EICAS / CDU on a other computer?

So i mean when I'm starting FS and the PMDG. That I can start the PFD / ND / CDU on a other PC via WIDEFS and FSUIPC?

No. Aircraft panels in FS come coded to work in FS only. The Gauge files which are used in the panels are built using an interface in FS specifically to handle the graphics, the updating, and the controls.

The only way to have cockpit panel parts on other PCs is to use separate instrumentation designed for this. Project Magenta and FreeFD are two sets of glass cockpit instruments, both suitable for a 737NG, which come to mind. Project Magenta is very professional, but you pay, and FreeFD is, well, free, and pretty good for the price. Links are provided on the right hand side of the http://www.schiratti.com/dowson page.

An alternative is to configure your FS PC to have more than one monitor. Then you can undock panel parts and move them over to those other monitors. Many video cards these days support up to 2 monitors (the Matrox Parhelia supports 3), and you can usually add a PCI video card to work alongside your AGP card for yet more monitors.

But of course this all places a heavier load on the processor in the FS PC, so you need a good, fast PC to start with.



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Yep. But usually putting regular 2D panels on the other monitor does not have a big hit on the framerate, I do it and it is completely reasonable. It's a bit faster even since it does not need to mask the "window frames" of the panel over the scenery display.

Using a Geforce for scenery and a Matrox Mystique PCI for my instrument panel.


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