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fs9 cloud problem

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Here is my problem:

when flying with both fs9 alone and with AS connected i have never been able to fly on top of a overcast cloud layer! When i fly below there is nothing wrong, but instead of flying throu the cloudlayer and nice and easy being on top of them they simply suddenly dissapear when i pass the top of them. there can somtimes be scattered cloud left, when i pass the cloudlayer but NEVER the overcast layer that was there when flying below

further i have notised that the clouds(when finaly finding some) seems to wanish when i fly below them??

This is a frustrating problem, and i have gotten help witrh the AS but when the problem always is there i was wondering if there is somthing in fsuipc i can change to help me?? it is registered!!!

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i was wondering if there is somthing in fsuipc i can change to help me??

No, sorry. it is purely a graphics thing. I've not really noticed anything as bad as what you are saying, though. Make sure you have 100% 3D clouds set, and see if putting most or all the sliders full right in the Options-Settings-Display-Weather tab in FS will help.

Another place to seek help with this sort of thing is the FS2004 Forum. Chris Willis visits there a lot and is THE cloud expert. See if you can get advice from him. Maybe some of his replacement cloud textures will help.



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