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This may not be related to FSUIPC issues, but hopefully you can help... Other day I was posting about FSUIPC offsets that can work with Alpha rotary switches which is used for MCP ALT, If you don't remember it, I have added link in case you want to take a preview. (Thread Topic "FSUIPC OFFSETS")


Now here is the situation.... since 3110 holds about 32 or 24 (I think) bytes and I could not be able to figure out how to spilt them in all four for ALT, HDG, VS and IAS.. so I had someone sort thing out for me instead of using that offset I could simply write in POV1 codes in EPL and write these syntax at bottom in EPICINFO.CFG


And this worked through FS's MCP, on the ALT part. I could see some changed once I turn the rotary awitches...So I thought I could do same for the rest such as HDG, VS, and IAS I simply add it in EPICINFO.GFG:




But unfortunately, the rest three doesnt work through execpt for ALT. And I wasn't sure why only POV1 works while POV2-4 doesn't. So I tried other method by using POV5-15, and yet it still doesnt work. So, Today I browsed around this fourm and I found a thread by Amarante68 "Pigeonhole question" here's the link


On the part about MaxScanFrequency=1 Would you know anything about more than one POVs creating buffer overflow in EPIC? Wouldn't you know why I am not getting POV2-15 to work except POV1? Again, I know issue may not be related, but I was hoping I could find some solution from your knowledge, maybe your opinion about it could help me to find the clue that I have been struggling with.

Let me know

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On the part about MaxScanFrequency=1 Would you know anything about more than one POVs creating buffer overflow in EPIC?

No. Inputs to the PC from EPIC cannot cause buffer overflows in EPIC. The scanning frequency has nothing to do with data going TO the PC from EPIC, only the other way round.

Wouldn't you know why I am not getting POV2-15 to work except POV1?

The "POVs" have to be seen as POVs through the Windows joystick interface. When you go to Game Controllers in Windows, do you see EPIC as 16 joysticks, or only 1? Each joystick entry has only one POV visible in the Windows joystick interface -- POV0 for the first, POV1 for the second, and so on. It sounds like your EPIC is only defining one or two joystick entries.

POVs are also not so usable in FS2002 or FS2004 as they were in previous releases. This is because FS was changed in FS2002 to use DirectInput, instead of the joystick interface which all my software has always used. POVs in DirectInput are restricted to the angles 0-359 degrees, or, if defined differently, 0-35900 1/100ths of a degree. This stops them being useful for many of the things that I used them for in FS95, FS98 and even FS2000.

You can use "soft axes" instead. If you define them properly in EPL you should be able to get 6 axes for each of your 16 possible joysticks (though I've a feeling that the USB implementation limits you to 8 joysticks, doesn't it? At least it did when I last looked at it, when it first appeared). Of these 96 (or 48) possible axes only 16 real ones are supported (or at least they were in ISA EPIC days), but the others can be used to send any 16-bit values, and so are much more flexible than POVs.

Note that I seem to recall that my originally named "soft axes" (in EPIC95 days) were re-named "virtual axes" by R&R in the USB incarnation.

I'm sorry that I'm really unable to help much in this area at all these days. I think there are some good places for assistance -- check the link someone provided in that other thread, for instance.

For all matters related to the USB EPIC and the new EPL system I was completely dependent upon assistance from Ralph Robinson (the designer and owner of R&R) just to get what I had working on ISA EPIC working on the new units.



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