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FSUIPC and assigning GEAR LEVER to axis

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Hi Peter

After figuring out a few things, i thoughjt i read somewhere that the Throttle Quadrant allows the assigning of flaps (which i have done vis FSUIPC) and landing gear.

Is it possible to assign the landing gear to an axis on the quadrant? I want to assign it to the far left lever - i think its the x axis (could be wrong there bro)

I have 3.44 version

Any help appreciated

Warm regards

Doug Stone NZ[/b]

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Is it possible to assign the landing gear to an axis on the quadrant?

The landing gear control in FS is only a switch (on/off in other words), you don't really get to control it's position, only tell it to go up or down.

Whilst it is possible to program buttons to send axis controls with particular values, the reverse (to make axis inputs with particular values send button controls) isn't possible with FS nor with anything of mine, I'm afraid.

Having said that, there is a "GEAR_SET" control in FS. At least it is listed (see my List of FS2004 Controls in the FSUIPC ZIP). Whether it actually does anything in FS2004 or not I don't know, but the big problem is getting it assigned. Even if you edit the FS9.CFG file and add the details for it there, it looks like FS2004 deletes any axis assignment other than the declared AXIS_.... ones.


I've tried setting different GEAR_SET values by programming buttons to send it (in FSUIPC) with different values. The only one which seems to do anything is a parameter of 0, which raises the gear. None of the non-zero values I tried did anything, not even 16383 which I would have expected to operate it. So I'm sorry, it looks like you'll need to use a toggle switch or button instead.



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