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I have a registered copy of FSUIPC and I am using Radar Contact with PMDG (I have the last update with the 800/900 series). My problem is that each time I try to lock the AdvDisp in the second moniter where I usually show the Overhead, the radio and so on, the AdvDisp just disappears. I can toggle it on or off using a key assignement in FSUIPC but each time I do it I can see the Adv just for a few seconds and after it disappears again. I tried also to dock in the radio but when I undock the radio to move it to the other monitor, again I loose the Adv. The version is 2.131 and reading the attached document I read (point 5) that I can lock the adv on a second monitor.

What I am missing?

Thanks a lot.


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The version is 2.131 and reading the attached document I read (point 5) that I can lock the adv on a second monitor.

What I am missing?

Sorry, I don't know. AdvDisplay just records the screen coordinates then places itself there each time. It works fine here. If you check the AdvDisplay.ini file you should find the screen coordinates it records for its "Locked" position.

Maybe it's something to do with the way the video drivers define those coordinates. Does FS successfully remember moved panel parts? I know a lot of folks have difficulties with those too unless the video driver supports the multiple monitore as a single "wide" screen.

"Docking" is similar, but the window then comes and goes with the panel part -- the panel part does not control the position. You might be better Docking it to the main panel on the main monitor even if it is positioned away from it. Panel names are used and you can edit the [AdvDisplay] section in the relevant PANEL.CFG file in order to change that. I think the names used follow the names given in the PANEL.CFG file, so the main panel will be either "Main Panel" or something like that.



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Thank you Pete, when I dock the adv in the main panel it works fine. The only problem is due to the fact that each time I switch to VC or spot views it takes a while to the adv to disappear with a stutter of the simulator. I think this problem too is related to the ATI dirvers!!

Thanks again, you do a great job.


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