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Peter Dowson's voice WANTED !

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Hello, mr. Dowson !

Believe it or not, you won't read anything about FSUIPC problems/solutions in this post, so take a breath and read the rest

I am looking for some "famous FS voices", that's to say, I'd like to collect a vocal contribution from people that are renowned in the FS world, by offering them the chance of being "present" during a simulated flight in a different way than just writing a program, gauge, a panel, a scenery ...

Here's what it is all about.

I am actually the chief (= the only) developer of an airline flight simulation project called M.I.B. (Multi-lingual Inflight Briefings) which aim is to provide flight simulation lovers worldwide (or in Europe, at least) with a collection of sound (vocal) recordings that reproduce and imitate the real briefings, given the difficulties of recording such messages during real-life flights.

It is a non-profit project, for it creates something which is public and available for free, by being included in the freeware download libraries of the most known flight simulation sites (http://www.flightsim.com, http://www.avsim.com, etc.).

It requires that a set of Flight Attendant & First Officer typical briefings be recorded in computer digitized format (.wav), the one that Windows’ Sound Recorder commonly creates.

I you agree, I will send you the Excel file with the language collection available so far.

I’ve had contributions in: british english, american english, australian english, french, spanish, italian, dutch, swedish, german, swiss german, austrian german, and portuguese; last week I even got an email from Bangla Desh !!!

The first available voice sets have been downloaded some 10,000 times so far; so it’s quite a good result for the time being, and I hope the number of downloads will grow even more.

I hope the project will lead a growing number of people worldwide to simulate flights, with aircraft models, flight plans, destinations and schedules taken from everywhere !

Please notice that the required contribution is – after all - minimal: it normally takes 15 minutes to record the First Officer voice set.

Looking forward to hear from You soon, and hopefully in a positive way ...

Best Regards,

Eugenio Remus, Italy


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Looking forward to hear from You soon, and hopefully in a positive way ...

Thanks for the invitation, but I am declining. Sorry. I don't like the sound of my own voice and really would not like to inflict it upon anyone. It is bad enough having my picture up here -- I was persuaded to do that, against my better judgement! 8)

(Which reminds me, I really should replace it -- I am two years older now, and look more!).

Best of luck though, in finding "good" candidates!



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Gosh, Peter, how can you be so 'rude' about yourself ?

You just mentioned the photo, but I am grateful for it: thanks to it, that mr. "Peter Dowson" whose job "animates" my cockpit, is no longer a most famous, but most 'abstract' entityhe has got a smiling, sympathetic face !!!

And the same would be for your voiceare you sure you don't wanna give the simmers the last word ?

What can you be afraid of ? Crashing loudspeakers ? :D

Please, mr. Dowson ...




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