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Brakes no Longer Work off Joystick

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I have the latest version (pay) of FSUIPC.

I have checked everything that I know to check and can only guess that maybe FSUIPC is causing the fault.


- brakes work fine from keyboard.

- brakes do not work from the joystick button as they have before.

- joystick WILL release the brakes but thats all.


- calibrated joystick - 'brake' button shows as working,

- reset Control assignments (brakes "set/release"), with "repeat",

- check devices.cfg - default with no changes - looks fine,

- uninstalled stick from Device Manager and reinstalled - looks good.


- only have flight control and throttle portions of the stick set through FSUIPC.

No recent add-ons and I'm not sure when this started happening but it seemed to coincide with the installation of version 3.45

Any ideas?

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Any ideas?

Yes, it's been reported before in several threads. It's a bug in 3.45 fixed in interim versions attached to one or two replies here already. It only happens if Throttle1 is calibrated in the multiple throttles page of FSUIPC.

Apologies for this. You can either check for those mesages with attachments below to get an interim patched version, or wait till about the middle of this week when I'll be posting "official" interim versions for wider testing in the Announcements section above.



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Thanks Pete, I scrolled down throught the threads before posting but didn't see anything...I'll check again. :wink:

Try the thread entitled ""re: writing active weather to fsuipc from active sky". Sorry i can't post another at present, but there will be an update for wider tests up in an announcement later this week.



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