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unnknown FSUIPC 3.4 freeware error msg

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I get the follwowing log entry if I start a Helicopter

7334156 Aircraft="AS332L2 Bristow Helicopters"

7364580 Client Application: "fs2002" (Id=3020)

7364580 C:\Programme\Microsoft Games\FS2002\fs2002.exe

7364580 Product="Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002"

7364580 Company="Microsoft Corporation"

7364770 Illegal write attempt: offset 0B8C, size 4 [P3020]

7364770Program or module not accredited for use with this unregistered FSUIPC

7367014 ### IPC Message processed in 2244mSecs ###

Is it an unregistered Gauge or a Microsoft Error?

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Is it an unregistered Gauge or a Microsoft Error?

It's an unregistered gauge which is also unregistrable I'm afraid. It is using the external application program interface to FSUIPC, which is incorrect and can cause problems (especially if you get two or more of them) when used internally to FS. The special internal interface has been available in FSUIPC now for about five years, so the culprit must either be a very old (possible pre-FS2000 originally) gauge, or one written incorrectly despite the provision of an internal library.

There are two alternatives: either locate the rogue gauge and remove it from the aircraft, or register FSUIPC as a user. The former would have to be by a process of elimination as, with the way it accesses FSUIPC, there's no other way of telling which it is. The latter will allow it to run okay provided there are no other such gauges or modules doing it this way at the same time.



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