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Upgrade FSUPIC gone wrong

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Well heres my prob I was running my registered version of FSUIPC 3.4.0 just fine no problems...well I finally decided to up grade to 3.4.5 and all of a sudden SB doesnt want to work with it. In my SB TCAS my nav aids show up as jiberish and my magenta line wont show up in the TCAS after loading my flight plan. I've tried everything reinstaling 3.4.0 is the only thing that works...I removed the Key file to see if that was the problem..but it wasnt. I didnt think it was anyway. I'm out of ideas. Any insight to why this version isnt working with SB(Squawkbox).

Tim D.

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Any insight to why this version isnt working with SB(Squawkbox).

It works fine, either with no FSUIPC registration and the Squawkbox freeware key entered, or with a working, legitimate FSUIPC user key. The change after 3.40 was a tightening up of the checks on keys in order to work against counterfeits which were being used.

There is a problem also with time-limited keys, but very few of those have been issued. If your is a time-limited (demo) key, try the test version 6.466 of FSUIPC available at the top of this forum.

It sounds like there is something wrong with your FSUIPC key. If you believe it to be a proper, legal, paid for key please Zip up your FSUIPC.KEY file and send it to me for checking. Send it to petedowson@btconnect.com. Please also include an FSUIPC Log file showing an attempt to use SB or whatever, but make sure you close FS first so it is a complete Log.



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