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question regarding thrust reversers

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hello everybody

i am trying to convert a 747 throttle quad with potentiometers, to be able to connect it to the pc.

does anybody knows, if i connect one pot each for every thrust lever, as well as one pot for each reverser lever, if i am able to steer them individually? means, does fsuipc gives me the possibility to say as an example

Axis 1 is throttle lever 1

Axis 2 is Reverser lever 1


so that i can connect each one individually?,

or is the reverser 1 automatically on the same axis as the throttle 1?

thanks for any help i could get


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Hi Marc,

what you want to do should be possible. First you must make sure your potentiometers are visible as joystick axes and are correctly calibrated in Windows->Gamecontrollers. Then the four throttles can be assigned in FS's own menu. The reverser potentiometers must be assignedd to axes otherwise unused in FS first. Then you make them reversers by editing the FSUIPC ini file. Idon't know the exact procedure 'cause I dont use such a setup but it is described in one of the manuals that come with FSUIPC (adva´nced users manual I think).



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It's explained in detail in the "FSUIPC for Advanced Users" document that comes in the FSUIPC.zip file.

In my computer it's at the bottom of page 32 of 34. The exact location may vary slightly if you have page setting set differently, but that tells you it's two or three pages from the end.


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