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How i add FS DEFAULT MODULES in my own module

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how i find interface of methods that contains FSUI.dll ????

You can inspect the .dll with e.g. PE Explorer, but, apart from the return value type and parameter types (and number thereof), you won't find any detailed information there.

I guess Pete has already done the horrible job of tracing and guessing in a few DLLs (I'm unsure whether FSUI was one of them; he has mentioned the names in a post not so long ago). When he's back, he might tell you more of his findings.

Out of curiosity: why would you want to interface FSUI.dll directly ? Given the fact some people are already talking FS2006, it might not be the wisest choice to invest too much time altogether in 'revenging' and starting to use this DLL in a new program.

Just to make sure we're talking about the same thing here: this forum discusses the FSUIPC system, which is largely incorporated by the FSUIPC.DLL file. FSUI.DLL is the user interface part of the MSFS executable, and it has no direct bearing to FSUIPC. You are aware of this, I presume ?



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i have imported in my own module ID code of FSUI.dll, but how i find interface of methods that contains FSUI.dll ????

There's no definition of Modular interfaces provided by Microsoft, except those for PANELS.DLL for those writing gauges, and a few more recently for extraction AI information.

For all other purposes it is a matter of decompiling, disassembly, and tracing. i.e. hacking into the FS code to work out what does what.

I would suggest you wait for FS2006 now, though.



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a last thing.... offset of variables that you explain in your FSUIPC Prog Reference are "real".... i explain.... shoul be ok also for directly reference to Default Module???

Sorry, I don't think I understand the question. What is this "Default Module"?

Anyway, offsets in FSUIPC should be regarded as mere "tokens", a way of identifying the specific data item. They rarely relate directly to any sort of real address, at least not one which is fixed. They were true offsets (into GLOBALS.DLL) in FS98 and before, but no longer. FSUIPC maintains that illusion for continued compatibility.



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