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Roll and pitch view Offset

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Hi Pete

In addition to the Current view direction (offset 05D2) it seems that :

- offset 05CA (2 bytes) is the PITCH view direction

C000h is sky up to FFFFh/0000=horizon up to 3FFFh=ground

bit 0 of 05CC : 0=looking forward - 1= afterward

- offset 05CE (2 bytes) is the ROLL view direction

2000h=45deg to the left - 8000h= fully reversed - E000h=45deg to the right

May you confirm ?

and if you know explain what are the values at 05C8, 05CC and 05D0 offsets


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May you confirm ?

Actually, you are close. I don't know why no-one spotted it before, but the locations 05B0 to 05D3 inclusive (36 bytes) are LLAPBH (Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Pitch, Bank, Heading) for the viewpoint. using exactly the same format and units as the LLAPBH for the aircraft (see offsets 0560 to 0583, 36 bytes).

Thanks! I'll document that properly in the Guide and add them to the FSI file for FSInterrogator. Good find!

and if you know explain what are the values at 05C8, 05CC and 05D0 offsets

Those are now explained by being parts of the values in the complete LLAPBH structure.



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