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Disappearing AI in the FSUIPC list

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I saw a strange thing when playing with AI aircrafts and sending them slew commands. After a while i saw these planes disappear from the list generated bij FSUIPC.

When looking at the list from the MS tool the plane is mentioned there, but is not anymore under the control of FS9 (ATC) and mostly the plane crashes in the ground.

Could this due to sending to much commands to the AI plane?


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Could this due to sending to much commands to the AI plane?

Well, I think once you start messing with the AI aircraft the inbuilt ATC can lose track of them. Once that happens I think the aircraft is "off the list" that I know about and is as good as gone.

I've not really experimented much with this at all, so I'm really just reporting what I've learned from others who are using the option. Obviously it is easy enough to change things in the aircraft's flight attitude which will make it impossible for it to continue its intended flight.

If you don't actually want to lose AI aircraft in this way I think you need to take great care what you do with them. I doubt that it is the sheer number of commands they get from you but more likely the nature of them and how much they may conflict with what ATC want them to do.

Possibly keeping them in Slew mode too long may detach them from the normal control. You could try switching the slew mode off and on now and then.



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