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Problem with Offset 0AF8

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I am doing FSUIPC_Write on Offset 0AF8 Fuel Tank Select and I notice something unusual when succed writing.


0=Off------------------->FSI shows = 0

1=All-------------------->FSI shows = 1

2=Left------------------->FSI shows = 14

3=Right------------------>FSI Shows = 3

4=LeftAux---------------->FSI Show = 4

5=RightAux--------------->FSI Show = 5

6=Center------------------>FSI Shows = 6

7=Centre2----------------->FSI Shows = 7

8=Centre3----------------->FSI Shows = 8

9=Ext1--------------------->FSI Shows = 9

10=Ext2-------------------->FSI Shows = 10

11=RtTip------------------->FSI Shows = 11

12=LftTip------------------->FSI Shows = 12

13= ?----------------------->FSI Shows = 13

14=CrossFeed Left to Right---->FSI Shows = 14

15=CrossFeed Right to Left----->FSI Shows = 15

16=?-------------------------------> FSI Shows = 16

17=?------------------------------->FSI Shows = 17 (Max)

As for Number 2-Left... I get 14, which is for crossfeed.. I tried to find 2 but couldn't I am flying 2002 and I haven't tried 2004. So let me know what's wrong

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I am flying 2002 and I haven't tried 2004. So let me know what's wrong

Please try different aircraft, and always say which aircraft you are using. Don't you have FS2004?

I think all FSUIPC does is pass this on to FS, which may not care what value it is when it isn't applicable but may force a change else, hence the needfor checks on appropriate aircraft.

Try switching it in FS and seeing what values you get back. I didn't obtain that list, it was provided by someone else who did such tests.


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