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I am extremely mifffed, for the respect of another term. I have tried for 2 hours (no crap) to register my FSUIPC. Every time I try and register it, it says my 12 digit key is invalid. I really didn't want to buy this. Now that I have, I am really upset that I did. And the fact I can't use or register it., wow, pissed as hell.

I have uninstalled all previous fsuipc's and started from scratch with the 3.48. Doesn't matter, I get the same message. INVALID or to that effect.

I want the author to see this and give me an explanation. Not a second party site, no disrespect.


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I am extremely mifffed ...

I want the author to see this and give me an explanation.

Though there haven't been many (considering the number of registrations), I can assure you that in 100% of cases like this, so far, it has been an error on the part of the user not entering the data correctly. As it says in the email you would have received you must enter the name, email and key EXACTLY as in the email.

It is surprising how many ways folk have of spelling their own name. Computers don't understand all that, they need the exact data. It is best to cut-and-paste from the email so you make no mistakes.

If you believe you are doing it all correctly, please send me the details (preferably the actual email you received) to petedowson@btconnect.com and I'll check it here for you.



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